Sunday, April 13, 2014

Toohig Tidbits

According to HG, instead of saying, “April Fools Day!,” after playing a joke on someone, you say, “Happy Fools Day!”

During bath time, I had Sam & Dave’s “Soul Man” playing. She was listening intently and asked me, “Mama, why is he so mad?” She was hearing, “I’m a soul man,” as, “I’m so mad.” I got a great laugh out of that one!

As I got dressed one morning for work, HG told me, “Mama, that dress is fancy but NOT with those tights and not with those shoes.”

“I can’t wait to get to school because I love it so much and want to be there all the time!”

She saw a pic of a boy decked out in camo from head to toe. She said, “That kid is really rockin’ it out!”

She was explaining a scene from Dumbo- a mouse fell in some ‘Sprite’ and then got the ‘sillies.’ It was obviously something stronger than Sprite!

As Granddaddy drove her to school one morning, he had a movie playing and asked her a question about what was happening. She responded with, “Granddaddy, you really need to pay attention to the movie.”

Some quality time with Momo2014-03-30 16.47.42 When Edie and Gene were in town, they went with Grandma and Peggy to pick her up from school one day. HG drew this picture to show Mrs. Gossett who was coming to school- Grandma, Peggy, Edie, Gene (who just has air in his jacket to puff it up).2014-03-31 07.45.06Sallie Key spent the night with us last weekend. I wish it had gone as well as it did at her house, but let’s just say HG has a long way to go to learn the life lesson of doing what your guest wants to do. She did come back over to play today though, and they did well. Thank goodness for short memories and sweet friends! 2014-04-04 20.42.20 2014-04-05 09.37.432014-04-05 10.32.05Lovey is looking more like a platypus than a bunny these days.2014-03-28 21.51.21 She made Momo a cape out of her blanket. He tolerated it for about a minute.2014-03-29 08.25.18 The Tansey girls’ princess birthday party.2014-03-29 15.07.44 My happy place2014-04-06 08.07.51 Kissing brudders2014-04-06 16.01.03 Telling me what she learned about hummingbirds at school that day over a Lenny’s cookie and sweet tea.2014-04-08 15.12.37 Love notes from a 4-year-old2014-04-08 21.42.53 She’s figured out the ‘I heart U’ thing and is obsessed.2014-04-08 21.43.24 I love finding these funny little surprises. Obviously, there was a flasher running around our house!2014-04-08 21.45.33 She’s very opinionated about her hair.2014-04-09 07.52.06 She requested a dinner picnic, and I was happy to oblige. It was a perfect spring day.2014-04-09 18.08.21

She’s figured out how to flip all the way over on the rings. Whether she meant to or not is yet to be determined.

She loves for me to write something on her napkin in her lunch box. One day, she asked for the marker to do it herself.2014-04-11 07.17.57 Snuggles with dollyasleep

She learned “Little Bunny Foo Foo” at school this week.

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