Sunday, April 13, 2014

Star of the Week

Since the beginning of the year, Helen Grace and I have eagerly looked forward to the new Star of the Week poster that would be hanging at her classroom door each Monday morning. We look at every picture of her friends and giggle at how much they’ve grown. She knew her week was in the spring, so she’s been getting antsy for her turn. Well, last week was HER WEEK to be the star!!

While she was home sick the week before, we made her poster. She was very opinionated about which pictures she wanted to use and where to put them on the poster. She had to answer three questions- favorite food? corn; favorite book? Frozen; favorite color? dark pink. Wouldn’t you know that it was raining on Monday morning, but it slowed down significantly as we approached school. WHEW! And when she took her poster in, she was immediately surrounded by a gaggle of boys, asking her about each picture, and she was smiling from ear to ear as she explained all the details.

On Monday, she took an extra show and tell- sea shells- and got a certificate and a crown that she wore proudly all the way to dismissal time. She was also ‘teacher’s helper’ too, so the week couldn’t get any better!

On Tuesday, I surprised her with lunch from Holiday Ham. When I arrived, I was turned, talking to Mrs. Gossett, as her class walked by, and I was almost tackled to the ground as she attacked me. Pretty sweet. Once we got to the lunch room though, she could barely keep herself turned toward me in her seat. She was much more interested in talking to the boys behind her (Nick, Andrew, Turner).

On Friday afternoon, John and I read Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash to her class- I mean, I read the book while HG cuddled up in her Daddy’s lap and told her friends what was going to happen on the next page. As soon as it was over, one of the Schmitz boys stood up and hugged her, and he started a massive group hug. It was the cutest thing to watch as more than half her class surrounded her in a hug. She was glowing. I stayed and went out on the playground with her class for the last few minutes of the day. Her teachers have always told us that she plays evenly with boys and girls, but it was neat to watch. She would be playing tag with some boys one minute and sitting with some girls and laughing the next. I was very proud of our social butterfly.

THE STAR OF THE WEEK2014-04-07 06.58.41 Surrounded by boys and loving it2014-04-07 07.52.072014-04-10 07.49.56Thursday was Tacky Day, and Friday was Team Day. She got really into planning her outfit for Tacky Day, which was more like unmatched day. I was so worried that no one else was going to participate that I packed her a change of clothes, but she never had a moment of hesitation and thankfully her whole class went all out as well.2014-04-10 14.47.23 tacky Proud to show off her daddy on Friday2014-04-11 14.29.36-1 Mary Kate and Rachel2014-04-11 14.41.02 Add Andrew and Ryan/Tyler and Emerson2014-04-11 14.41.13 And add the Tansey girls2014-04-11 14.41.20 Some artwork in progress outside her classroom2014-04-11 14.46.21

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