Monday, April 21, 2014

John’s Birthday

While he won’t admit to having one, John had a birthday this week. He was off work, and HG was out of school. Lucky ducks. Mama had to work! I did leave at lunch though and meet them at the zoo with Spiffer and GD.

We came home for a nap, and then everyone came over for Corky’s and cake (Grandma did it- I had nothing to do with a cake for a birthday that did not exist!). Addison put on HG’s cowgirl boots and marched all over the house, so proud of herself! Fun night with family and friends.

We love you, John, and are so thankful for another fun and funny year together!

IMG_5744 IMG_5749 HG went all out with artwork for John this year. She painted a coffee mug, a sign that we hung in the garage, and then made a card. Precious. John really loved them all.2014-04-18 14.25.45 2014-04-18 14.25.59 2014-04-18 17.02.49 2014-04-18 19.11.54 Clapping for Addison (although HG was a little jealous of Addie taking her shoes)2014-04-18 19.12.25 2014-04-18 19.12.31 2014-04-18 19.21.562014-04-18 19.21.59I’ve lost her!2014-04-18 21.02.53-2

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