Sunday, April 27, 2014

HG’s Biggest Fan

Helen Grace had a very special guest at her soccer game on Friday night…

Warming upIMG_5779 Her ‘tough’ stance…with her legs spread wide apart…P1050100P1050103Sidelines with Mary KateIMG_5781 She and Claire are discussing something important, I’m sure.IMG_5783 IMG_5789 IMG_5790 “Go LA!!”IMG_5792 Baby Addison (and CB and Emmy) came to cheer her on! When HG saw them, she took off running to see them. She’d been asking all week if they might be able to come, so she was really pleased to see them there. Addie took it all in and thought HG’s big girl water bottle was the coolest thing.2014-04-25 17.57.43 And Daddy made it back from the airport by halftime- she was thrilled to see him and went running from the sidelines!2014-04-25 17.58.24 LOVE. THIS. Taking Addie on a tour of the field.P1050109 P10501102014-04-25 17.59.37 After the game, we went to Las Delicias with the Browns, and we ran into Bella Marie and Mary Kate. They moved from our table to their table and back again. Super cute.2014-04-25 18.33.39-2

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