Sunday, April 6, 2014

Grandparents’ Day at SAA

Friday was Granparents’ Day at school, and the ECC children put on the cutest “Goin’ Buggy” show. The girls in JK were ladybugs, and the boys were lightning bugs. HG had given me a little preview, but I hadn’t heard the majority of the songs until the big ‘bug’ performance- and I didn’t know she was going to be the line leader into and out of the gym! She was quite proud of herself but shrugged off our praises with, “It was easy!” We loved cheering on our sassy ladybug and were so pleased with how much more confident she was since the first performance at Thanksgiving.

Afterward, her grandparents got to visit her classroom and enjoy some tasty snacks at a reception. When I had to go back to work, they took her to the book fair, at which she racked up on books and a glittery pointer baton!

IMG_5625 IMG_5631 IMG_5640 IMG_5652 IMG_5663 IMG_5667 IMG_5676 IMG_5701 P1040926

IMG_5713 P1040927 IMG_5716P1040928

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