Monday, April 28, 2014

Double Decker 2014

Double Decker has been quite the tradition in our family and now with baby girl for many years, although for some reason we missed it in 2013. (What were we doing that weekend???) This Saturday was the annual party on the square, so we took advantage of the beautiful spring day and headed to Oxford.

Helen Grace didn’t remember it terribly well from years past, but I explained that she needed to get dressed up and put her outfit together because Oxford was a really fun place to go and we’d see a lot of old friends. To John’s amusement, she explained to me over and over throughout the day that you needed to get cute to go to Oxford. Lawdy!

It’s funny how the DD experience has changed over the years. We spent a lot less time milling about the shopping tents and more time waiting in line at the bounce houses and scouring for ice cream. We enjoyed the people watching and exploring just the same though.

As we approached the north side of the square, the child picked up the tune of “Let It Go” two blocks away as it blared from the kids’ area. She was immediately in love. After a few hours, I mean minutes, of jumping and crafts, we convinced her to check out the rest of the square.

We ate pizza in the shade of the courthouse, stopped in at Square Books Jr. for something “science” for HG (turned out to be a book on butterflies and a guinea pig stuffed animal- hmmm), played on the First Pres playground, enjoyed some ice cream on the Square Books balcony, and even found CB, Emmy, and Addie for a few minutes. She fell asleep on the way home, of course, but rallied for a friend’s birthday party later that afternoon. See, she is a true Ole Miss girl- always up for the party!

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