Monday, April 14, 2014

Day of Easter Egg Hunts

Saturday was a glorious day spent hunting eggs with our favorite little baby girl.

First, we celebrated Farrah’s first birthday with an egg hunt complete with face painting, flower balloons, a moon bounce, the Easter Bunny (she was NOT interested), and bubble wands. BIG hit.

After we took a good Saturday afternoon nap, Spiffer and Granddaddy came to pick up HG for a slumber party. She had her bags packed on Friday morning, so she barely stopped to give us a kiss as she ran out the door. While John and I enjoyed a nice dinner date, she had an Easter egg hunt at their house, played in sand, painted her heart out, and enjoyed her new favorite snack- mozzarella sticks- on the porch. I’m surprised she ever came home!

2014-04-12 10.47.06 As close as she wanted to get to the Easter Bunny2014-04-12 10.56.20Victory! This girl is terribly competitive nowadays with the hunting. Better move quick if you want an egg for yourself!2014-04-12 10.58.07-12014-04-12 10.58.29 2014-04-12 10.58.50 

On to Spiffer and Granddaddy’s house…2014-04-12 18.01.43 Spiffer got her some clip-on earrings.2014-04-12 19.13.49 P1040957 I’ve seen those hands on the hips before somewhere…???P1040961 P1040962 

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