Monday, April 21, 2014

Cedar Hill Farm at Easter Time

After school last Tuesday, we headed to Cedar Hill Farm with Spiffer and Granddaddy to enjoy the beautiful blue sky and sunshine! (We had planned on going after school on Monday with the Coats and Eldreds, but a monsoon rained out our plans.) By some stroke of luck, we were the only people there on Tuesday and enjoyed having the place to ourselves, despite a bit of a chill in the air.

Maybe because she wasn’t overwhelmed with the normal crowd, HG felt brave enough to try the huge slide AND the zip line for the first time. She LOVED both of them. After the slide, she jumped up and down, squealing, “That was so fun!” 2014-04-15 15.55.15-1 2014-04-15 15.55.16-1P1040963 P1040971 Queen of the haystack!!2014-04-15 16.10.02 She had to ride Oreo, as always.2014-04-15 16.19.09 Easter isn’t complete without dyed Easter chicks, right?P1040990 And (non-dyed) ducks too!P1040993 2014-04-15 16.35.09 2014-04-15 16.38.55 Counting to make sure she had her 12 eggs2014-04-15 16.39.10 P1050007 P1050009 She talked GD into getting on the swing with her. They were like two little kids in a candy store- hilarious cackles!2014-04-15 16.52.54 2014-04-15 16.52.55 And this happened on the way home…at 5:15….2014-04-15 17.31.01

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