Friday, March 28, 2014

Toohig Tidbits

As I hugged HG one day, I told her, “You are such a good girl- so kind, so smart, so funny.” And she added, “So cute.”

I’m learning that if I want her to eat something new and like it, she has to be involved in cooking it. She helped me make some baked pork chops one night, and as we tasted them and approved of the recipe, I gave her a high five. She piped up with, “We’re a good team!” Now that’s one of those sayings of mine that I don’t mind hearing her echo. :)

“We’re the Toohigs, and we’re silly!”

They are studying the planets, and she was explaining to me how on one side of the world, it’s night, and on the other, it’s day. She said that’s because the side opposite the sun is dark. I asked her how she knew so much, and she said, “Mrs. Gossett!!!!” (in her ‘DUH’ voice).

First time I’d seen her using lowercase letters (they integrated this after Christmas)2014-03-19 19.37.14-2 St. Patrick’s day2014-03-17 08.09.42 You can tell she missed her daddy over spring break.2014-03-17 18.29.48 Tiger Blue Day at school 2014-03-21 07.05.19 Carefree little girl in the back seat2014-03-22 16.46.30 2014-03-22 21.13.35 class- fire truckLooking for rolly pollies with Grandma2014-03-23 12.31.12 For show and tell this week, she wanted to take her pilot wings that were given to her on our trip, and then we made a poster about NYC. Apple slices were her class treat (as a nod to the Big Apple).2014-03-24 07.49.35 I have found my replacement- look who will be organizing Vaco CPE events 20 years from now! She helped Ms. Shanleigh and I get everything set up for our event the next day and was so sad when we finished. Neat freak like her mama!2014-03-24 15.55.26 She asked me to take this pic of her and Rebel at bedtime.2014-03-25 18.49.10 2014-03-25 19.21.26 Clowning around before dance2014-03-26 15.54.42 2014-03-26 15.54.45 The only way Ms. Jill could tear them away from watching “Frozen” to come to class was to promise they’d get to dance to a song from the movie. Ms. Jill said they were going to play Freeze Dance to it, but they decided to ‘let it go’ and just dance. Pretty clever, Ms. Jill! :)2014-03-26 15.58.05 Between school and soccer practice today, we met the Harris girls for ice cream and then played at their house for a while. All three of them were wild little giggle boxes. Needless to say, HG was a breeze to get to sleep tonight as she melted into the bed!2014-03-28 15.42.24 2014-03-28 15.46.53

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