Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Toohig Tidbits

HG and I were playing school. I was the teacher, and she was a bad girl playing on the school's roof. I called the principal to fuss at her, but she wouldn't get down. I called a police man, a firefighter, and even Santa, and the bad girl still wouldn't get down. Exasperated, I said, "Well, who else is there to call if she won't even listen to Santa? Jesus?" "Mommy, Jesus doesn't have a phone."

We made it 58 months before HG heard of Chuck E Cheese.

She attached herself to John when he got home from work. She was riding around on his back, and he was trying to shed her for a minute so that he could change out of his work clothes. She said, “I’m stuck on you- I’m like a backpack!”

There is a pic from John’s Ole Miss graduation in our den. HG noticed him in his graduation stole and asked, “Why is Daddy dressed like a priest?”

After Dr. Seuss day at school, HG told me, “Cat In the Hat was not written by a cat.”

After a pillow fight in her bed with her daddy one night, I moved to clean up her animals. She stopped me with, “Except it’s my fault. I should clean it up.” Talk about stopping me in my tracks. I wish I could say that I’ve heard this reasoning again though…ha!


Another clean bill of dental health. She sure does not get her lack of dental anxiety from her mama. She just climbed up there and kicked back. Cool as a cucumber.2014-02-26 15.03.15 Teddy bear day at dance class with AMC and Riley2014-02-26 16.03.19 Making a Q at schoolQ class picWhat kind of evil/genius ice cream man pulls up to a school right at dismissal time on a Friday afternoon??? Of course, Hello Kitty had to come home with us.ice creamAfterward, we met Granddaddy at the bookstore so we could take her home. I had a girls’ night planned with my work girls.20140228_152517She went back to their house to cook up something special.20140228_175535 And ‘special’ it was!20140228_18000320140228_173147 Dinner with Katherine and Laurengirls night The next day was beautiful, so we headed to the zoo. For the first time ever, there was no line at the face paint station. Since it wasn’t a blistering hot day (sweaty), it seemed like a good time for a splurge.2014-03-01 10.17.16 She was SO HAPPY about the heart design she picked out and then asked to take it off about two steps away from the seat. Mama and Daddy persevered though, and she soon was happy again.  2014-03-01 10.23.37-1 That silly daddy!2014-03-01 10.44.09 2014-03-01 10.52.41 Thursday night catfish with Bubbaseafood junction For Lent, I’m trying to write in a ‘thankful’ journal each night, and HG has enjoyed writing her own list too. 2014-03-07 19.09.33 Carefree days of childhood2014-03-08 14.04.52 2014-03-08 14.07.21 2014-03-08 14.07.33 Lovey, HG, Mama2014-03-08 23.01.16Walks around the neighborhood are back with this nice weather!2014-03-09 17.39.18 I will one day wish I had a little girl sprawled out in my kitchen floor- or that she would fit if she tried to lay down in the floor! I try to freeze these moments in my memory.2014-03-10 17.50.43 2014-03-10 17.50.55-1 Daddy’s out of town again2014-03-06 20.09.46


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