Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Break 2014: Philadelphia

Since we were so close to Philly and because Spiffer and HG hadn’t been there before, Granddaddy plotted out a quick day trip down to Philadelphia from NYC on Saturday. Hearing HG try to perfect ‘Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, America’ was quite entertaining!

We were able to see the famous Liberty Bell, throw pennies on Benjamin Franklin’s grave, tour Betsy Ross’ house, enjoy a delicious dessert (apple pie and chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich) at Red Owl Tavern, and tour Independence Hall. It was quite the history quiz for me from Helen Grace, but there wasn’t anything that Google couldn’t answer. After all the talk about the havoc the British wreaked on Philadelphia during the revolution, I was a bit worried about what she would have said if we’d run into a Brit! We hit all the big highlights and look forward to going back to see more another time soon.

Talked her into closing her eyes for a minute on the drive2014-03-15 10.53.49 Independence Hall2014-03-15 12.57.07-1 IMG_5561 Liberty BellIMG_5566 Benjamin Franklin’s graveIMG_5571 P1040894 IMG_5574 Betsy Ross’ house… I love going on tours of old historic homes (thanks to touring Paul Revere’s house as a child), so of course, I wanted to see hers. I wasn’t sure how interested HG would be, but she was so into it and listened to all the stories we read to her. And she even pointed out words she knew along the way- this reading stuff is getting real, folks!IMG_5579 She liked the kitty cat fountain a lot.P1040898 And while waiting for a tour of Independence Hall, she found some SNOW!IMG_5581 Independence Hall- Pennsylvania Supreme Court chamberIMG_5585 Assembly Room, in which both the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were drafted and signedIMG_5586 IMG_5589 P1040892 P1040899 Teachable momentP1040914 Riding Newark’s elevated tram for the first time. I think she may have all forms of transportation covered now!2014-03-16 14.26.51 Let’s go HOME!1904213_10152255991326815_1917238922_n

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