Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Break 2014: NYC

For Spring Break, Helen Grace, Granddaddy, Spiffer and I cashed in some Delta SkyMiles and headed to New York for a long weekend of fun (Wednesday-Sunday). The weather gods must have a sense of humor for Toohigs’ trips to NYC. The early part of the week was spring-ish, but the high on Thursday was 27 degrees. BRR. At least this time, I was more prepared with more layers. We made the best of it though by finding some indoor activities and eating a lot!

Here’s a look at Wednesday and Thursday…

Our fearless leader heading to the Memphis airport2014-03-12 10.20.08 We were routed through Detroit, but a snow storm changed our plans. We waited for six hours and hopped a plane to Atlanta. After much convincing, I finally got her to fall asleep for about 45 minutes in my lap.2014-03-12 12.59.31 FINALLY about to get on a plane and leave Memphis2014-03-12 15.28.01 Her first time to ride the tram in Atlanta’s airport2014-03-12 18.37.28 Leaving ATL and heading to NYC2014-03-12 20.11.40 Thursday morning view from Hilton Times Square. Great view (we were eye level with the New Year’s Eve crystal ball!), great location in the middle of the Theatre District, and modern rooms. Highly recommend it.IMG_5523 Lunch at Shake Shack at 44th and 8th2014-03-13 11.25.21 A brisk walk through Central Park behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see Cleopatra’s Needle. There are three in the world (NYC, London, and Paris), and now we’ve see the trifecta. Granddaddy now has to take HG to see the other two… ;)P1040819 An afternoon at the very loud but very fun (5 stories tall!) Children’s Museum of Manhattan. When you ask HG what her favorite part was, she says, “All of it.”P1040840 P1040843 2014-03-13 13.39.38 A quick dessert and drink (a milk, a coke, and two cosmos) in the hotel lobby before naptime.IMG_5526 IMG_5527 Granddaddy captured this pic of HG’s cowGIRL boots that walked every inch of NYC. I brought another pair, thinking her feet would get sore in these, but she wouldn’t dare wear anything but her boots.P1040848 A delicious dinner at John’s Pizzeria on 44th (an old church building). HG watched them make and cook pizzas, and we stuffed ourselves on meatballs and pizza. HG was the only one with room for dessert. Ok, maybe she had a little help…2014-03-13 20.05.09  We walked over to Times Square after dinner.2014-03-13 20.20.43 P1040858 Toys ‘R Us on Times Square has a Ferris wheel inside. BIG HIT.P1040853 “Hey, Spiffer!!”P1040854 That’s the ceiling just behind us!2014-03-13 20.53.30 2014-03-13 20.56.51

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