Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Break 2014: NYC Part 2

Friday was still cold, but temps into the 40’s (and a lot less wind) made us feel like we were in the Caribbean.

Lunch at Serendipity III, one of my favorite spots. The table in front of that massive mirror and mantle on the right was was where Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack sat in the movie, Serendipity.IMG_5528 We got there at 11:45 and only waited 20ish minutes. We sat at this fabulous table by the front window, and HG (and Spiffer) was thoroughly entertained by watching the activity on the street below. We laughed at the thought of how many tourists’ pics HG will be in the background peeping out the window!IMG_5530 IMG_5531 P1040868 As we left Serendipity, we passed right past a Dylan’s Candy Bar that I’d never noticed. Of course, we had to stop in for some sweets!IMG_5533 She’s now a pro at hailing a taxi.2014-03-14 13.57.00-1 We finally made it to Washington Square, a little gem inside the bustling city. They were filming a tv show, but we could never figure out which one and sadly no celebrity sightings. IMG_5540 IMG_5544 Trying to sneak a peek at the filmingIMG_5545 P1040873 One World Trade Center or Freedom TowerIMG_5546 Chasing GranddaddyIMG_5548 Washington Square had a great playground too. She was ‘making a milkshake’ for me.IMG_5550 Chasing a city squirrelIMG_5556

Chinatown. Glad we did it (for about 5 minutes). Never want to go again.IMG_5557 South Street Seaport with a view of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. We didn’t realize that it had been severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy until we arrived to a desolate building and empty pier, but it was a nice view of the river. HG thought there might be whales out in the water.IMG_5558 P1040883 IMG_5560 

We ran HG full steam ahead all day and kept her from a nap, hoping she’d go to sleep earlier, but it meant that we ate dinner at 4:30 in a deli near the hotel, all the way poking her to keep her awake! On to Philadelphia tomorrow morning!

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