Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Snow Day- Finally!

After DeSoto County schools were out for a few snow days, we were SO EXCITED when it finally snowed enough- and on a school day- for Memphis schools to close (last Monday). North Shelby County got a lot of good snow, but we really only got a lot of crunchy ice. We’ll take what we can get though! John had to fly out that morning for a business trip, and thankfully, he was able to make it to the airport without a problem. Helen Grace and I played in the icy snow for a little bit (too wet and too little to really even make snowballs) and then enjoyed a lazy day in our pj’s, and Spiffer and Granddaddy ventured out to come eat dinner with us. A nice, slow, and cuddly start to the week.

School was also cancelled on Tuesday due to the northern areas still being iced in, but Mama had to go back to work so HG had a Spiffer/GD day.

2014-03-03 08.50.18 2014-03-03 08.59.21 Oopsie!2014-03-03 09.00.56 Dancing a little jig2014-03-03 09.01.07 2014-03-03 09.01.10

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