Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lots of Firsts: 2nd Pres Soccer & Sleepover

Friday night was a big one. We started the night with the opening of soccer season. This time, she’s playing at 2nd Pres with a team of St. Agnes JK girls, and she’s super excited about playing with her friends. We meet at 5:00 on Friday nights (no more late school nights!!!); the first three weeks are practice, and they play games the last four weeks. I had a good time chatting with the moms as well.

Afterward, we met the Words at Casa Mexicana for dinner, and then HG went home with Sallie Key for her first slumber party. We were supposed to do this over spring break, but our NYC plans messed that up. HG was not excited about our trip at first because she would have rather gone to SK’s!

They got in their pjs, made a pallet downstairs, mowed through some cheese balls, and watched all of Frozen. Then, they headed to SK’s bed around 10:15 p.m. After five minutes, HG said she was scared and wanted to go home, but Ginna threw them in her bed with her and they were conked out within minutes. HG even slept until 8 a.m.!

They spent the morning playing outside, riding bikes and Barbie jeeps, and of course, HG was not excited to see us. Not even the bribe of lunch with Baby Addison got her moving. John finally had to pick her up and walk out the door. I think we can consider the night a success!

Shopping with Daddy2014-03-19 14.20.44 2014-03-19 14.27.23Cheesing with Mary Kate2014-03-21 16.53.26-2 This is pretty much what the first 15 minutes looked like- lime green SAA shirts running around like crazy. Mary Kate, Evie, Ally (Evie’s sister), HG, Elise2014-03-21 16.55.28-2 2014-03-21 18.03.53 2014-03-21 18.23.54 Can’t eat at Casa Mexicana without riding the donkey.2014-03-21 19.55.15 2014-03-21 20.30.02

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