Monday, February 3, 2014

LeBonheur GenerosiTEA

Helen Grace and I were invited to attend LeBonheur’s GenerosiTEA on Saturday with four other SAA mothers and daughters. To say we were tickled pink would be an understatement.

After school on Friday, we stopped by Cotton Tails, and HG was in rare form. She was willing to try on a few outfits, mainly because she wanted to try on the 100 different colors of headbands (which are her newest obsession). She knew the perfect dress the minute she put it on, so then all that was left was the find the right headband and shoes. She picked out the sparkliest pair they had, and I chose a few more subtle ones. Wouldn’t you know that they only had her choice in her size! Well, it must have been meant to be, right? For the record, she didn’t take those shoes off for the entire rest of the weekend.

Helen Grace woke up on Saturday morning asking if she could put her dress on right then. Soon enough, we were ready for a tea party! We met up with the ladies at Woodland Hills, and the girly fun began immediately. First up, indulging in manicure, and soon thereafter- making Valentine’s Day cards for patients, decorating cookies, creating a tooth fairy pouch, painting a girly door hanger, and then making a sugar scrub. We grazed on our delicious lunch while watching a little girl fashion show. (HG had to run up front to watch this in person- she was really into it- and we then realized her friends Lilly and Ann Coleman were in it!)

We rounded out the day with a dress up group pic of the littles, although HG declined any costume, and then at the very end, she decided she wanted her hair braided. That made mama happy! Although I did notice that while it was obvious that the lady was pulling her hair tightly, she was happy to endure the ‘pain.’ Wish I could get that same reaction at home!

As we left the tea party, she remembered her school friend, Mary-Kate, was having a swim party across town at the Kroc. I explained to her that by the time we got there, the party would be essentially over. She promised she wouldn’t fuss but just HAD to get there and tell Mary-Kate happy birthday. We rushed to Midtown and walked in as they were literally leaving the party room. MK was so excited to see HG though, and HG was ecstatic to watch MK open the gift she picked out for her (a bunny that hops).

We had a great weekend getting to know and play with HG’s school friends and their mamas. Looking forward to many more girls’ dates!

We are talking a lot about what it means to be ‘humble’ lately. For example, she’ll put on a dress for casual day and ask me very dramatically, “Mama, do you think my friends will think I’m beautiful?” A little bit of this same conversation was happening with herself in the mirror.2014-01-31 15.20.51-2 2014-01-31 15.20.54 2014-01-31 15.21.13 2014-01-31 15.21.47

I thanked my lucky stars that she chose the lightest nail polish color in her brand spankin’ new dress.IMG_5478 IMG_5480 Olivia, Emerson, Elise, Evie, Helen GraceIMG_5484 Love that I captured this response to her seeing me taking her picture!IMG_5490 IMG_5491 Evie & HGIMG_5492 HG, Elise, and EmersonIMG_5493 IMG_5494 Olivia grabbed her hand and pulled her off to go do something fun. IMG_5500 HG, Evie, Emerson, and Olivia2014-02-01 14.33.47 IMG_5501 IMG_5504 IMG_5508 Laughing about something- Emerson, HG, and EvieIMG_5509

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