Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Full Hearts

Helen Grace had a big ole Valentine’s Day this year. It’s going to be hard to beat next year. After she had her Valentine exchange at school, Spiffer picked her up, took her to lunch, and then met Lawson and the Coats girls at Disney Junior Live! I mean, it’s not every day you see Sophia the First AND pig out on cotton candy, not to mention talk your grandmama into bringing home a stuffed Clover.

John and I had just gotten back into town and drove like bats out of you-know-where to get to Newk’s to meet everyone for family dinner. I about attacked HG, but I was pleased that the level of excitement/ happiness was mutual! We had quite the reunion and enjoyed getting to spend Valentine’s with all of ‘HG’s people.’ Of course, we had to visit Gracie Bleu too…

“We give our hearts to you!”vday class 2014-02-14 15.35.26 2014-02-14 15.39.40 IMG_82662014-02-14 18.47.41 2014-02-14 19.05.33 2014-02-14 19.05.45 2014-02-14 19.07.582014-02-14 19.44.42 Shenanigans with her daddy…while screaming for him to stop, she’s cackling with a big ole smile on her face! Good thing they love us at GB or we might have gotten kicked out.2014-02-14 19.57.22

Her school Valentine bag…2014-02-16 08.22.44-1 …and some of her love notes from her buddies.2014-02-16 08.39.10-1

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