Monday, February 3, 2014

100th Day of School

Last week, Helen Grace celebrated her 100th day of school- she’s 100 days smarter! The kiddos were super excited about a casual day and all kinds of fun festivities at school, and it was made even better by waking up to a dusting of snow (if you’d even call it that). An exciting day!

2014-01-28 07.51.27 They all thought the door decor was the coolest thing.2014-01-28 07.52.46 2014-01-28 07.57.40

She had to count and bring to school 100 food items (she chose goldfish) and 100 non-food items (paper clips). {Try painstaking counting out 100 goldfish with your strong willed daughter for what felt like hours, only to later find her snacking out of the labeled bag…} I was really proud to see this on display outside of her classroom. ‘Inventive spelling’ (according to Spiffer) at its finest! So maybe she IS listening to all this phonics stuff…2014-01-30 07.50.33-1

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