Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cousin Cuddles with Darby

I can barely handle this cuteness. We stopped by to see Mary Chris on Friday for a belated birthday hug, and as I held Darby, HG asked me if I wanted her to hold Darby to give me a break. Until this point, she had not been interested in holding her, so I was shocked but immediately jumped up to get the pillows situated for hand off! She was so good with her and really loved it. Babysitting training has begun! She held her for a while until she was more interested in showing Ryves how she could run like a cheetah in the backyard. Ha!

2014-02-21 15.06.24 2014-02-21 15.13.11 2014-02-21 15.15.32-12014-02-21 15.37.55

Zoo with the Hudsons

This weekend, God gave us a nice reprieve from the winter weather, so of course, we headed to the zoo to enjoy the pretty sunshine! We met the Hudsons there, and HG LOVED running around/bossing around John and Davis. There was a LOT of hand holding!

2014-02-22 10.14.26 2014-02-22 10.30.12 2014-02-22 10.32.21 2014-02-22 10.53.11 2014-02-22 10.59.06 2014-02-22 11.03.56 2014-02-22 11.10.08Zoo with HG

Toohig Tidbits

When we went to the doctor recently for a random hive outbreak  (we still can’t figure out what caused it- maybe just a virus), she weighed 43 pounds and was 43.5 inches tall.

Helen Grace has been requesting a braid nearly every day lately, and I finally figured out why…whoever has a braid at recess gets to be Elsa from Frozen! Mrs. Blaizel says she has broken up quite a few squabbles over who was going to be Elsa, but she didnt know who that was- too funny!

She came home from school the other day showing us how she learned to ballroom dance with boys. Her designated partner was Tyler. She actually really ‘got’ it.

One night when she was asleep in my bed, I walked in from the other room and got into bed, and she rolled over in her sleep and said, “I love you, Mommy.” Talk about your heart melting!

After we got back from our trip, HG and I were in her bed at bedtime, and she cuddled up to me and said, “Mama makes me more comfortable.” It is not lost on me what a precious gift from God motherhood is. She has started sitting on my lap on the couch again like she did as a baby and toddler. Very heartwarming. Thought those days might have been over, but I’m glad to have another chance.

“God knows the answer. You’ll have to ask Him.”

“Marshmallows are too good to only have one.”

While riding her bike, she would ride up a bit, then slow down, and look back, and she told me, “You always say to stay close to a grown up.”

As she fell asleep in the car, she said, “If I look all cute, you can take a picture of me.”

HG had dropped one of her Brave arrows down into a tall vase, and I couldn’t get it out. I told her that we’d have to ask Granddaddy to get it out, and of course, he was able to do it. Afterward, HG ran into the kitchen, excitedly waving her arrow, and Spiffer said, “What do you say to Granddaddy for getting it out for you?” She thought a minute and said, “Ask Granddaddy?!”

As I tried to explain to Grandma where dance class was, HG piped up with, “Just put it in your map in your car, Grandma, and it’ll get you there.”

She saw a guy driving in a cowboy hat, and she said, “He must be from the wild wild west!”

On the ride to school, HG wanted a bandaid for an imaginary boo boo. When I told her that I didn't have one (nor did I think she needed one), she said, “Mama, your light inside is not shining.” She claimed that hers was shining. When I asked her more about the light, she told me it was a little lamp and only God could see it.

Often when I tell her to do something she doesn’t want to do, she’ll pop back with, “God’s your boss too!”

After watching her favorite video, Katy Perry's “Roar,” my little feminist said, “Girls can do *anything* they want to! But little girls still have to mind their mamas.”

She rode with Spiffer and Granddaddy to pick up Bubba for dinner one night. As Bubba walked to the car, HG turned to Spiffer and said, “I love Bubba. She’s a nice old lady.”

She has been full of big words lately. I’ve started making a list:  Stylish (BIG favorite word), normally, apparently, next activity, possibly, concentrate, disturb, ridiculous, recognize.

100 Days of School100th Day of SchoolRapunzel at rest2014-02-06 19.54.02-1 More imaginative spelling- her glove was ‘crinkly’ and ‘pink.’2014-02-07 07.45.41A bookmark HG made for me- she’s on the left, Mama’s on the right.2014-02-11 09.53.41FaceTime with baby girl while we were gone2014-02-12 18.50.572014-02-12 18.52.30 When she saw Daddy come into the picture…2014-02-12 18.56.40 And when we got home, she was ATTACHED.2014-02-14 21.22.04How would I get dressed without my little stylist? She literally starts with my dress, then gives me options for shoes, and then picks out my jewelry. How does she know this stuff?2014-02-16 09.46.45Sassy pants (She picked out this entire outfit.)2014-02-17 08.03.29Cuddles with Grandma2014-02-16 17.50.18 The weather is above 40, so you know the Toohigs were at the zoo.2014-02-16 10.47.00 2014-02-16 11.19.38-32014-02-16 11.30.48A new cookie store opened near school…our waistlines are in trouble!2014-02-19 14.22.04-2This is what our kitchen table normally looks like. On this particular day, we were distracting ourselves from a bad storm rolling in. (HG freaks out with thunder.) Pom poms and googly eyes did the trick!2014-02-20 16.52.32 Orange day at school for ‘O’ week last Friday. We got ready really early, so we stopped at Chick-fil-A on the way to school. HG was giddy and asked, “Can we stop here every Friday morning?!”2014-02-21 07.47.15On our last trip to the bookstore, HG picked out this learning math toy- a ‘watch and grow’ seed kit. It brought back all kinds of memories of a science fair project, but thankfully, this one didn’t involve a tri-fold or hypothesis!2014-02-22 07.50.07 This pic is the epitome of the instant gratification generation. She was waiting for the seeds to immediately grow after she planted them. Luckily for her, they have started sprouting after four days, so the wait was somewhat bearable.2014-02-22 07.56.06 Family dinner at Chili’s. Granddaddy was sitting right across from her, and this was his view for most of the night…HG downing chips and salsa.chilis My favorite view: Curled up and cozy on the couch after bath time with a clean baby girl and John’s chocolate milkshake2014-02-23 18.57.22

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Full Hearts

Helen Grace had a big ole Valentine’s Day this year. It’s going to be hard to beat next year. After she had her Valentine exchange at school, Spiffer picked her up, took her to lunch, and then met Lawson and the Coats girls at Disney Junior Live! I mean, it’s not every day you see Sophia the First AND pig out on cotton candy, not to mention talk your grandmama into bringing home a stuffed Clover.

John and I had just gotten back into town and drove like bats out of you-know-where to get to Newk’s to meet everyone for family dinner. I about attacked HG, but I was pleased that the level of excitement/ happiness was mutual! We had quite the reunion and enjoyed getting to spend Valentine’s with all of ‘HG’s people.’ Of course, we had to visit Gracie Bleu too…

“We give our hearts to you!”vday class 2014-02-14 15.35.26 2014-02-14 15.39.40 IMG_82662014-02-14 18.47.41 2014-02-14 19.05.33 2014-02-14 19.05.45 2014-02-14 19.07.582014-02-14 19.44.42 Shenanigans with her daddy…while screaming for him to stop, she’s cackling with a big ole smile on her face! Good thing they love us at GB or we might have gotten kicked out.2014-02-14 19.57.22

Her school Valentine bag…2014-02-16 08.22.44-1 …and some of her love notes from her buddies.2014-02-16 08.39.10-1

Valentine’s Class Party

Helen Grace’s class celebrated Valentine’s with a big blow out on Tuesday of that week. She handpicked her dress and was really excited about all the treats that were in store that day. She started the day with Grandma taking her to school over the icy Mississippi roads, which was an adventure in itself. (Although DeSoto Co schools were out, Memphis streets were much clearer in certain areas of town.) At the class party, they made a darling Valentine’s card, created handprint artwork, strung a heart candy bracelet, decorated cookies, and got their Valentine bag all bedazzled and ready for Friday. And to top it all off, Spiffer checked her out of school after the party, and they indulged in some dee-lish cupcakes. Happy girl!

2014-02-11 07.00.30 2014-02-11 10.52.08-2 Photo Feb 11, 10 50 45 AM Photo Feb 11, 10 54 27 AM Photo Feb 11, 10 59 34 AM Photo Feb 11, 11 13 45 AM