Sunday, September 22, 2013

Toohig Tidbits

When we walked outside one morning, she looked around at our neighbors’ houses which she said were ‘asleep’ (because no one was outside), and she said, “I’m the lucky one because I get to go to school, and school is FUN!”

She got to go to the treasure box at school last week! It seems that one other little girl was the first to gain 16 stickers, and then HG and three other kiddos were in the next group to make it. She chose a FROG. Mrs. Gossett said there was no talking her out of it. She was determined to take home that frog. :)

She and I have talked a lot about what to do when someone picks on her. There haven’t been any truly mean comments, but just stuff like ‘your lovie is stupid,’ etc. That gets her in a tizzy, of course, so I’ve been trying to tell her to just blow them off and not let them bother her. There is so much more happy stuff in her life to think about! She told me the other day that someone said something like that again, and I asked her what her response was. “You don’t bother me!,” she laughed. Success!!

She likes to look at pics of Pocahontas on my phone while watching the movie in the car. One time, she showed me a pic of Pocahontas in a tiny bikini, and I flipped out and took the phone from her. The next time she asked to look at the pics, she said, “When I see Pocahontas’ belly button, I’ll skip the picture, ok?”

We play show and tell. All. The. Time.

It’s neat to hear what they are talking about at school coming out in real life. She and Grandma were talking about the two sets of twins in her class and how the girls look exactly alike. HG was insistent though that, “Grandma, we are ALL different on the inside.”

HG was playing outside with Granddaddy at Swanky’s one night while Spiffer and I were finishing up dinner. She put GD, as the “baby,” on the inside of the wrought iron fence, and she opened the gate and said to him as the mommy, “I’m going to go to Target, but you have your phone so just text me if you need me.”

Enjoying favors from Alaina’s birthday partylibby & hg sunglasses Girls love their cupcakes- HG, Caroline, Libby, Camille, Alaina2013-09-07 11.44.39  We stopped by Humdingers to get a gift card, and my girl insisted on tilapia and corn on the cob.2013-09-07 12.53.49 Baby Addison came to HG’s soccer game to cheer her on!P1040459 Cuddles with Daddy2013-09-15 18.43.05 Let the record show that she was NOT sleepy.2013-09-16 16.19.29-2 “Ice skating” in her soccer socks before her game2013-09-16 17.32.12 She’s pretty smart to figure out a way to avoid the bathtub.2013-09-16 19.32.31 Granddaddy and Spiffer surprised her one day after school and took us to Jerry’s. She was pretty proud of her cherry tongue.2013-09-17 15.29.37 Pirate Day at school2013-09-17 22.39.43 She went to the dermatologist with me. I had to have a mole removed, and this girl came out with a crown from the treasure box. Life isn’t fair!2013-09-18 15.08.13We stopped by to see Grandma after school. While she had to do an x-ray, HG had fun playing at her desk. 2013-09-19 15.27.18

This child is now counting to 10 in French. It’s unbelievable. She also will throw out a little “comme ci, comme ça” in appropriate context and with a shake of her hand.

Playing hopscotch on Spiffer’s rug

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