Monday, September 2, 2013

Toohig Tidbits

While we were driving the other day, she said, “Mommy, you didn’t listen. That green light was orange.” Ouch!

I told her, “I’m always with you.” She responded, “Stop telling me that. I already know it.”

She wants to be a doctor, a teacher, and a mommy, and she wants to do things to help people.

HG asked me this weekend when we were going back to the Delta Gamma house for a meeting. Raising her right! :)

When we walked into church last week, she said, “This is the place we go to learn what God can do.” Amen, sister!

When we walked into her classroom toward the end of the week, I heard one of the girls squeal, “Helen Grace!!!” Talk about warming a mama’s heart!!!

Her first soccer game is this week. We’ve been working on her actually taking the ball and running with it rather than letting someone take it away from her. She says that we’ve taught her to be kind and help people, so she’s really confused with the concept of a game and why it’s ok to be tough then. We’ll see how the game goes! Either way, I’m thankful for a soft hearted child.

When I was at a late dinner, John texted me this picture. Awww!2013-08-22 21.26.35 Fashionista2013-08-24 19.53.51-1 As I climbed into bed, I noticed this elephant on my nightstand was quite decked out.2013-08-26 21.29.07Isn’t this the life?2013-08-31 11.24.21 A VERY hot soccer practice this weekend2013-08-31 12.39.09 2013-08-31 12.40.05 2013-08-31 13.04.08    Big-time Saturday night out in Byhalia2013-08-31 18.55.56Sunday night family cook out2013-09-01 19.13.19 2013-09-01 19.25.45 2013-09-01 20.04.26CF6C1009 CF6C1010She was brushing my hair this morning and wanted to take a silly picture.2013-09-02 09.34.41

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