Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Solo Friend Date

Back in July, I got a call from our neighbor, Carissa, asking if Helen Grace and I had plans for that Friday night. I actually had a girls’ night out dinner planned with my high school buddies, Brandy and Angela, but she wanted to take Helen Grace with Mariella to see the sing along version of Sound of Music at the Orpheum. Helen Grace was ELATED and couldn’t talk about anything else the rest of the week. She’s gone to plenty of things without me but always with a grandparent, and she’s stayed at friends’ of mine houses without me for a few hours during the day. But this was the first time she’s left the house without me or a family member- OMG! I was a nervous wreck that she’d panic at the last minute, but I should have known my little firecracker better than that. I walked her over to their house that afternoon, and even though she tripped in the street and scraped her knee, she refused to derail the party. She would not turn around and go home for a cold washcloth or cream, and after jumping around for a minute, she marched onward. When we arrived at their house, Mariella wasn’t home yet, but Carissa took her by her hand to ‘help her get ready,’ and that girl just turned and walked off with her, leaving me to stand there with my mouth hanging open. Not even a hug or kiss for mama! They went on to have pizza (and her first Sprite) for dinner, and when she started to wilt a little as the movie started at 7:00, they pumped her full of Skittles. That sugar high lasted all the way until she got home at 11:15! It’s pretty embarrassing when you beat your four year old home on a Friday night!

{Just got the pics from Carissa, so forgive the late notice but just had to share!}

“Is it time to go yet, Mama?”IMG_4275 Mariella and HGhr_0715_814_919__0715814919008 Mariella, Addy (our neighbor too), and HGhr_0715_814_923__0715814923008 Jules, Mariella, Addy, HG, Mariella’s grandmamahr_0715_825_006__0715825006008

And what Mama was doing that Friday night…Angela and BrandyAng & Brandy- July 12 2013

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