Saturday, September 7, 2013

First Soccer Game

Helen Grace’s first soccer game was Thursday night at 6:00. She had been decently excited about it, but as I was pulling on her gear before the game, she asked, “Mama, why did you sign me up for this?” She doesn’t like the shin guards and hot, knee-high socks. But after that complaint, she pulled it together and ran out on the field with a smile.

She sat on the bench for the first few minutes of the game, which I think was best so that she got a little bearing for what was going on. Coach Christy was able to be on the field giving them direction during the game, and she was great to let them all take turns doing the fun stuff- throwing in the ball and kicking in the ball. HG got the most excited about those parts (and would jump up and down after she actually got to touch the ball), and otherwise, she did what we expected- chased the rest of the crowd of kids crowded around the ball. She repeatedly told Christy she was tired and looked bored during some of the game (the antithesis of aggressive), but toward the end, she bumped into someone and fell down. She inspected her knee for a minute and then hopped up with a fire in her belly. I saw her set her little arms and go running hard toward and into the crowd. She still didn’t get to touch the ball in action, but maybe after a few games, she’ll find her strength!

Afterward, she was pretty proud of herself and wanted to stay for a few minutes to watch the next team play. She said she liked it. The true test will be the next game- on Monday night at 7:15- UGH!

Throwing in the ball is her Daddy’s God-given talent, so it was very special to watch her do it for the first time.CF6C1272 CF6C1276 CF6C1280 CF6C1287 CF6C1308 CF6C1311 CF6C1314 CF6C1323 CF6C1334 CF6C1347 Really losing interest at this pointCF6C1358 CF6C1362 CF6C1363 CF6C1369 Deciding to try being tough for a minuteCF6C1374 Navy Blue lost, but they were good sports and gave high fives at the end.CF6C1377 The other team’s parents made a tunnel, and they all thought this was the coolest thing.CF6C1381 daddy hug IMG_4725

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