Friday, June 21, 2013

Daddies’ Day

Last Sunday, we celebrated the wonderful daddies in our life! We started with brunch at a new spot for us, Bosco’s, in Midtown. The daddies enjoyed the homebrewed beer, and the mamas enjoyed the bellinis and mimosas- a perfect brunch!

Then, the Toohigs hit the pool. Helen Grace is still not interested in putting her face in the water and actually swimming, but she loves to walk in the shallow end and splash everyone (of course). Baby Addison and the Browns were there too, so she was in hog heaven. She stayed in the pool so long that she came home with green tips on her pretty blonde hair! Luckily, Spiffer happened to be at our house for bathtime that night, and she helped me with the homemade, emergency ketchup rub and then lemonade (technically lemon tea since that was the best I could manage) mix rub that we had to use to get her hair golden again. Helen Grace thought it was funny, so we just laughed our way through it! And YES, we have now bought swimmer shampoo for blondes to get us through the rest of the summer.

We are so thankful for a Daddy that never runs out of tickles, hugs, and kisses and is never too proud to bust out into a dance party wherever we feel like one needs to happen. (He will definitely be thought of as the ‘fun’ parent!)

And we are so thankful for a Granddaddy that drops *everything* to do *anything* we need help with and is always available to join baby girl for a princess tea party.

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