Monday, May 27, 2013

Under the Big Top

I raced home from Hot Springs last Sunday afternoon to take my baby girl to the circus! We met our friends, Amy and Mary Claire, there and had a big time watching all the craziness unfold. Helen Grace was very wary of the clown and elephant this year at the pre-show, but perhaps she was clingy to me since I had been gone all weekend. By the end of it though, she and Mary Claire were out in the aisle dancing. Of course, I was a sucker, and she didn’t come home empty handed. She fell in love with a baby Dumbo stuffed elephant, so she has now joined our family.

IMG_4060 These two motorcycles were zooming around in there while an assistant stood in the middle!!!!IMG_4064 IMG_4068 IMG_4075 IMG_4076 IMG_4089 IMG_4090

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