Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spring Dance Recital

Last Saturday, Helen Grace had her spring dance recital. Due to a planning glitch, I was out of town on a moms’ getaway to Hot Springs, so Spiffer stepped in to fill the ‘dance mom’ shoes. I have to say that she did a much better job than I ever could have done! I was able to go to the on stage practice earlier in the week, and on the big day, John and Granddaddy (and Emily Coats) kept the pics and videos coming so that I felt like I was actually there. She did so well and is a natural on stage, although she has an unnatural ability to stand literally on the tip of her toes. Who needs toe shoes?! We are so very, very proud of her.

20130518_122418 CF6C8765 CF6C8768 CF6C8803 CF6C8805 CF6C8806 CF6C8819 CF6C8885 CF6C8921 CF6C8925 CF6C8927 CF6C8930 CF6C8931 CF6C8940 CF6C9060 CF6C9069 Photo May 18, 4 28 08 PM Photo May 18, 6 54 44 PM

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