Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dance Party

I recently read Jack and the Beanstalk to Helen Grace at bedtime, and when Jack chopped down the beanstalk and the giant fell, she burst into applause. I love that she is now letting me read a real story to her and actually listens to me! She now regularly requests “Jack!” to be read to her or to carry around with her. It even goes in the car with us…Jack

She had to have some of Mommy’s “choc” (chocolate pudding) the other night as a bedtime snack.choc 

This morning as we were getting ready, Helen Grace brought her LeapFrog puppy, Violet, to me and wanted it to sing to her. As I pushed the button, she started busting a move and wagging her tail- hilarious! Dance party at the Toohigs! (John says she will be mad at me for publishing this when she’s older, but I think it’s too cute not to share…so baby girl, Mommy’s sorry!)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Look what I just found when I went to check on our little princess…CIMG8023

And I forgot this cutie patootie picture from the weekend…maybe she has a future in blogging too. CIMG8017

Life is a Blur- Part Two

And here are some from our wild weekend…

Helen Grace keeps us in stitches. This was from Sunday morning. She ran around and around and around the dining room table, telling her daddy, “Hi!” and then immediately, “Bye!”

Hugs for “MoMo!”hugging momo Sweet after bath cuddles with Mommymorning snuggleShe has started “taking pics” with my camera. She holds it up to her face and says, “Cheese!” I’ve taught her how to click the button, but we have to work on her aim a little bit. :) taking pic She insisted having some of my “choc” (chocolate pudding). This gives a whole new meaning to licking the bowl clean. choc

Life is a Blur- Part One

I am so brain dead…too much going on in the Toohig household! I’ll fill you all in soon, but here are some pics from our past week to hold you over in the meantime. :)

stairsIce cream date with GranddaddyCIMG7991Sweet girl…this was after she wiped her ice cream off on his shirt. ;)CIMG7994 Bed HeadbedheadOur last Little Gym class…the DeSoto location is closing. Sniff, sniff.

CIMG8008 CIMG8010 Lunch date at Chik-fil-A with Ann MaxwellCIMG8012 Baby doll picnicfloorfloor1floor2She thought Baby needed a bath.2011-03-25 16.09.06 Playing in Granddaddy’s car…my dad was extremely happy to point out how her tongue sticking out. They always make fun of me for doing that. At least she does something like me!

Baby wanted to swing too.

When I was putting her pjs on, her shirt got stuck on her head, and she ran around for at least 30 minutes saying, “Hat!! Hat!!” She even had a meltdown because she wanted to wear it to bed, but her mean mama wouldn’t let her.hat1 hat

Monday, March 21, 2011

Snuggle Bug

Just came across another pic from the weekend that John took on his camera. He caught a snuggle on the couch one morning. (Please ignore both of our bed heads- ha!) I love my little snuggle bug!IMG_0436

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Couldn’t Ask for More

Saturday was just what we needed- relaxing and laidback. HG let us sleep until 7 a.m. (WHOO HOO!), and I never got more dressed up than a tshirt and jeans with minimal make up. That’s a successful day in my book! Plus, the weather was amazing.

John took Helen Grace to a make up class at Little Gym, while I made a mad dash through Kroger- ALL BY MYSELF. Then, we ate lunch with Grandma and Peggy and heard about their trip. After naptime, we met Granddaddy and Spiffer at Old Venice and enjoyed a wonderful dinner on their patio, basking in the sun and glorious weather.

CIMG7975Kissing Baby’s “boo boo”CIMG7977 Bottle for BabyCIMG7978Caught this video on the way home from dinner when Helen Grace was desperately trying not to fall asleep…

On Sunday, we met Auntie Em for a quick lunch while she stopped through town on her way home from Little Rock. Afterward, Helen Grace fell asleep in the car, so I dropped her off in her crib at Granddaddy and Spif’s house and ran quite a few errands- all before she woke up. I haven’t been that productive in that short of time in the last year! We went for a walk in the afternoon and met CB and Emily for dinner. All around, a fabulous weekend!

em1em2“Want some?”P1000333 Milk moustacheP1000334P1000341 P1000343CIMG7980 She really wanted to go see the puppy and was not pleased that we walked the opposite way. Complete meltdown. John captured this great pic…she’s peeking to make sure he’s still watching her.CIMG7982 CIMG7983 Ok, she’s over it. Back to running!CIMG7985 After bath time, John caught us doing what we love the most…kicking our feet up together with HG watching Barney and Mommy watching some kind of reality tv show. Life at the Toohig household is THRILLING. Wouldn’t change a single thing. :)CIMG7986 This is the life.CIMG7989 A before bedtime family snuggle on the couch…holding Daddy’s hand. A perfect end to a great weekend.daddys hand

A Day (or an Hour) at the Museum

On Friday, since my mom and all my cousins were on Spring Break, we took a day trip to Jackson to check out the new Mississippi Children’s Museum. The place is amazing- truly like candy to all your senses- but it was PACKED due to Spring Break. Helen Grace was so overwhelmed (i.e. full breakdowns including running to me, screaming, crying whenever I stepped out of view), so she was really stuck like glue to me. Not even Granddaddy and Spif could console her.

Since she loves to paint, I thought she’d like the drawing room. They had an area to finger paint, and she watched Grace Ann, Hayes, and Hastings paint but wouldn’t touch it. When they cleared out, she moseyed up to the paper and dipped the tiniest bit of her finger into the paint. She survived that and tried it again with a little more paint until she got spooked by something. I was just a foot or two away, and she scooted over to me and wrapped her paint-covered hands around my legs as tight as she could (and she also got her sleeve in paint as she moved so quickly). Eeek! *Of course,* my dad had the video camera rolling at that exact moment…I’m just grateful that he wasn’t close enough to capture the words I muttered under my breath! ;)

We stayed for about an hour at the museum, and then we decided it was time to check out the new Mickey D’s down the street. There she calmed down and was able to relax and pal around with her crazy cousins. I keep thinking the ‘newness’ of a little cousin will wear off and that they won’t be so interested in having Helen Grace’s attention, but they are still so crazy about her and vie for her attention. And to top it all off, we were able to spend Worth’s THIRTEENTH birthday with him!! Where has the time gone?! (He’s lucky that digital pics didn’t exist when he was born or else I’d include one of his baby pictures!)

CIMG7939 P1000279 P1000285 P1000294 Right before the fateful moment happened with those paint covered hands…P1000296 Having fun with her cousinsP1000308 P1000317 Putting one of her toy’s bows in Hastings hairP1000318YummmCIMG7946 Hastings, HG, Grace Ann, Hayes, Worth (the TEENAGER)CIMG7950“Ok, people, I am exhausted. I can’t do this anymore! Time for a nap!”CIMG7953 CIMG7954 Laying in Mommy’s lap at GG’s…she’s really starting to crash now…CIMG7959 CIMG7964 Finally, she’s OUTCIMG7965Holding Mommy’s hand after a great napCIMG7969 Sweet kisses for MommyCIMG7971