Sunday, September 26, 2010

Never Too Young To Brush

Dr. Ko, the Toohig family's dentist, says a child's never too young to brush...but with an electric toothbrush?! This is HG and Grandma's morning routine, and they gave us a sneak peek when we stopped by after dinner tonight. May this early habit lead to a life void of cavities!

Slices of Life

Enjoy these slices of our life.

Climbing over Mama on the couch on a lazy Sunday morning

Changing baby’s diapers

Running like a mad woman through the grocery store very early on Sunday morning…now I don’t think I’ll ever go any other time!

16 Month Wrap-Up

Wow, our little baby girl is now 16 months old. And we’ve loved every minute of it! This is a great stage- so interactive, independent, and wild! Here’s what’s going on with Helen Grace…

  • Last weekend, John and I had a very surreal moment. We were sitting in a booth at Lenny’s, and HG was sitting there calming eating a kids’ sandwich like a big girl and drinking out of a real cup and straw. Weren’t we just starting baby food? The independent eater got here quickly…thank goodness. ;)
  • She would rather sit on my hip and help me push the grocery cart than sit in it. That seems to always be a battle these days. We went to Kroger this morning at 7:30 because I had lost all patience for cartoons and thought it would wear her out for her morning nap, and since we were the only people there, she ran around like crazy and had a blast pushing the cart all be herself- loved it! (Video coming in next post)
  • Our doctor didn’t recommend using  a blanket in her bed until she was over a year old, and with the summer heat, she hasn’t really needed one anyway. In preparation for the winter weather, I’ve started letting her cuddle with a blanket while she falls asleep but not letting her have it overnight yet. She seems to really like it so far.
  • She has picked up a few new words… “Moo” and a version of “Go.” Also, when my parents kept her one night this weekend, she heard my dad sneeze downstairs while my mom was trying to put her to sleep, and she sat up and said, “Choo!” In general though, she jibber jabbers constantly in her own language. Would love to know what she’s saying!
  • She is slowly figuring out how to nod yes. She can obviously shake her head no, but it’s taken her a while to get the yes nod down. She does it very slowly, like she’s thinking about the movement.
  • She is now addicted to Barney and squeals when she sees it come on in the car. She will pay attention to cartoons at home, but she is not transfixed like she is in the car. We have to be careful about when we play videos in the car because if she is sleepy, she will never close her eyes while a video is playing. She must have gotten her tv addiction from her mama.
  • We had a much better experience in the nursery at church for our Bible study this week. She walked right in, clutching her baby doll of course, and didn’t cry a bit when I left. I bee-lined it for the nursery as soon as we finished our prayer, but a few moms from other classes had already beaten me there. All the babies were crying again, but as soon as she saw me, she ran to me and quickly stopped. No red splotches or runny nose or lingering clinginess. In fact, we met Aunt Whitney for lunch afterward, and all she wanted to do was sit in her lap and go where she went. I think she is adapting well to not being with me. :) I got a really good summary from the nursery staff about how she acted too, so that made me feel better.
  • As soon as I think she’s done with two naps, she starts taking two again. I can’t figure it out. This weekend, she has taken two naps each day in her bed for 1-2 hours at a time- and it didn’t take us driving around! We’ll take that as long as she’ll give it!
  • She pretty much eats whatever we eat and uses a fork and spoon very well. She’s mastered the straw too, which has made it difficult to enjoy any drink or milkshake on our own.
  • She is such a lovey dovey child and loves to blow and give kisses. While she still loves our “baby sandwich” hugs, she is now climbing up on the couch when John and I are sitting next to each other, putting an arm around each of our necks, and hugging us together.
  • She loves to try to diaper her baby doll. Most of our clean diapers are typically strewn across the floor, as a result of her trying to put them on all her babies. She’s still perfecting her technique. (Video in next post)

CIMG6205 Trying to find just the right spot for the puzzle piece in the fridgeCIMG6207 After dinner with Spif and Granddaddy, HG and GD went outside to play while Mama and Spif finished eating. CIMG6210 Banging on the window was much more fun than sitting in the booth.CIMG6211 CIMG6212 YoLo date with CallumCIMG6214 AwwwCIMG6219 CIMG6220rocker First game of checkers thanks to Cracker BarrelCIMG6226 I tried to show her how to do it, but she would rather just stack them and move them around.CIMG6228 CIMG6229 Playing on the couch with Mama on Saturday morningCIMG6230 CIMG6231 Entertaining herself while Mama gets dressedCIMG6235 CIMG6236 Walking with DaddyCIMG6237 Entranced by “Olivia”CIMG6239 Playing with Grandma and Geggy at Daddy’s soccer gameCIMG6240AwwwwCIMG6241 CIMG6242CIMG6244 CIMG6245

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Windex Queen

On Saturday afternoon, Helen Grace hung out with Spif and Granddaddy for a little bit while I put to use some of my birthday gift cards and went to see little baby Lawson who arrived on Friday. If you don’t know, Spif has a Windex problem. As in, an addiction. She is constantly Windexing something, and now she has passed it along to Helen Grace. Look what HG was up to while I was gone!

SAM_0720 SAM_0721 SAM_0724 SAM_0726 HG makes the noise of the bottle squirting, but I think it’s my mom you hear in this video. Hilarious!

Sunday has been a pretty relaxing day with only few squealing, high-pitched tantrums. I believe the Terrible Two’s have gotten here a little early! HG has started protesting most naps in her bed, so I resorted to driving around a few times this weekend so that she would at least sleep in the car. It’s the only way we can get through some of those fits- whew!

Funny story from today:  HG is always trying to get in the fridge. This morning, when I opened the door, she bee-lined to it as usual, but this time, she pulled out a lint brush roller from the shelf inside the door! WHAT?! The crazy child had apparently put it in there a while ago because it was cold. Oh lordy!

Tonight, we had dinner at the Browns, and I caught these cute pics of John and Mini-John swinging in the back yard. Love these summer nights! CIMG6202 CIMG6203

Zoo Days of Summer

Friday afternoon, we had a great time at the zoo with the Coats! We somehow pick the hottest days for our zoo adventures, but the girls are troopers and really enjoyed the day. For some reason, it was pretty deserted, so we had the run of the place- very nice!

CIMG6165 CIMG6170 HG really liked AM’s shoes.CIMG6174 CIMG6175 CIMG6176 This is a view we see pretty often.CIMG6178 CIMG6181 “Look! Look!”CIMG6184 CIMG6182Constantly runningCIMG6185 CIMG6187 CIMG6189 HG did much better with the birds this time. She actually tried to grab the poor thing!CIMG6193 First Dippin Dots experience…way too cold for her tongue- she was not interested.CIMG6195 HIPPO!CIMG6197 CIMG6201

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lovie Dovie

What a fun day Helen Grace and I have had!

It started out a little hectic this morning since we had our Bible study and I worked in the nursery for our volunteer shift. I ended up staying in her room, and I’m glad I did. She really was fine without me, but there were just a few times she looked around for me and then ran over to me smiling! If I weren’t there, I think she would have just gone back to what she was doing. It did give me some insight on what goes on while the moms are meeting, and I’m still feeling a little nervous about leaving her. I am trying to remain rational and attribute the lack of organization and knowledge/attentiveness to it being so early in the semester. My experience last week certainly made me love on those crying babies today, but sometimes I didn’t have enough arms to hold them all. Very heartbreaking to not be able to calm a little one down like only their mama can do. We’ll keep on trying and hoping that we will settle into a routine that we are both comfortable with.

After our morning in the nursery, we met our friend, Melissa, for a last lunch before her little Lawson comes into the world on Friday. It was very surreal to know what is coming in the next few days, and we are so excited for her, knowing the crazy wonderfulness she is about to discover. HG was actually an angel at lunch. She sat next to me in the booth and behaved like a little lady. She ate almost all her turkey sandwich, chips, and fruit, and she hugged and loved on me all throughout our meal. She must have felt the need to be sweet to Mel and not show her what our normal reality is like!

After lunch, we checked out the playground at Central Park, and HG had fun running across the swinging bridge, climbing the steps, and swinging in the swing. We met Daddy, Spif, and Granddaddy for dinner, and she was pretty good then too. Full of hugs and blowing kisses to all! I know these kisses will not last forever, so I am eating up my little lovie dovie while it lasts!

CIMG6156 CIMG6157 CIMG6160 CIMG6161