Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Showered with Love

We had our first shower for Helen Grace this weekend in Oxford at Whitney's parents' house, thrown by my college buddies, and I'm still overwhelmed by all the sweetness! They thought of so many wonderful, personal little touches that were everywhere you turned- baby pics of John and me, napkins with Helen Grace's initials, notes for Helen Grace from guests, etc. and I loved getting some great (and much needed) quality time in with friends and family. The shower also made all of this feel extremely real all of a sudden- as if her jabs to my ribs don't remind me every few minutes. ;) On Sunday morning, John walked through the den, saw the umbrella stroller sitting there, and said, "Man, that stroller really makes all of this feel real!" No kidding, how exciting! We can't wait to see how our lives will change in seven short weeks!
I am doing alright with my new diet, although she'll probably be here before I completely get the hang of it. I am going back to my doctor on Thursday, so I'm anxious to get her opinion on how I'm doing and learn more about how Helen Grace is growing. I think I might start my weekly visits after this appointment?? This is all happening so quickly!!

32.5 Weeks
The beautiful and creative centerpiece at our Oxford shower
My Jackson family from my mom's side...ya think we look alike?
My Bubba and Aunt Di from my dad's side
The wonderful hostessess with the mostess, Emily, Whitney, Rebecca, and Julie
All the girls!
Moma really loves this pic...Emily painted the canvas hanging in the background too!
Can you believe this? Julie, Doty, and I are all due within three weeks of each other!

Monday, April 20, 2009

GD for Me

So I got the not fun call today from my doctor's office that I do in fact have gestational diabetes- and I'm not even close to being on the borderline this time. I feel very uneasy about all of this news because of the lack of information I have right now, but I have to go to a class on Thursday morning at 9 a.m. and hope to be more educated after that. I don't have to take insulin, but I do have to change my diet and check my blood sugar regularly. If you know me (or John), you know how much we hate blood, especially our own. I get sick just thinking about it. The nurse wasn't too worried about my changing my diet before my class (does that infuriate anyone else like it does me?), so I hope to get a better idea from my class of what I can and cannot eat. Tonight, John made me a spinach salad, grilled chicken, green beans, and fruit, and then we went on a walk around the neighborhood. This might not be so bad if I could eat every meal at home, but what am I going to do when I eat out? So much to learn! At least it's only for 8 or so weeks...well, really 59 days but who's really counting? ;)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, John!

John celebrated a birthday this weekend, and at the birthday boy's request, we had a very nice, relaxing Saturday! We woke up and cooked a huge breakfast complete with bacon, eggs (John's are the best I've ever had), and chocolate chip pancakes! It's a lot of work for a weekend morning, but after we enjoy our feast, we always say we should do it more often. Since John's been fighting a cold, we stayed in our pj's all afternoon. John napped on the couch in my lap for a little bit, and at one point, he looked up at me and asked, "Was that you or her?!" Helen Grace popped him in the head!! He put his ear to my tummy and could even hear her heartbeat. It's amazing to think she's that big now! We went to Jeanne and Peg's for the traditional coconut cake Saturday night and enjoyed hanging out with Jeanne, Peg, the Browns, Summer, and my parents.

We woke up on the productive side of the bed on Sunday and decided to work on the quest for a TV for the nursery and hang the curtains. We were successful with the curtains anyway! (Still trying to make a decision on the TV.) Aren't the curtains great?! Patsy Jeppe (Rachel's mom) made them, and she did a beautiful job. Daddy and John hung them for me, and they make the room feel much more complete.

Helen Grace will be here two months from yesterday, and I'm still feeling great. We hope to get the results back from my second glucose test early this week. I sure hope I don't have gestational diabetes after all the cake and ice cream I've eaten this weekend!
31 Weeks

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fun in the Nursery

Helen Grace's chair arrived tonight!!! I am so excited to have it here at last. We had to do a little moving around to get the right fit, but I'm pleased with the arrangement now. The kitties have given it their stamp of approval as well, especially Mocha. They love to hang out in the nursery- and now I have a place to hang out in there too! We should get the curtains back from our super duper seamstress friend and hung in the next few days.

We are looking forward to celebrating John's birthday this weekend! He's asked for a laid-back day, so that's what he'll get- and some yummy birthday cake as well!

P.S. I went ahead and got my second glucose test over with on Wednesday. It was pretty miserable, but I had a very nice nurse that got me through the four pricks and nasty orange drink as well as possible. Now we just have to wait until the results come back next week. We also tried to get another peek at Helen Grace, but she was still smooshed up against me. Maybe it was just not meant to be!

Mocha found the secret storage space under the table! Now we'll know where to look for him when we can't find him! His mama was not so excited that he came out covered in all those little Styrofoam bits!

Monday, April 13, 2009

BOOOO for Glucose Tests!

Our appointment today was an emotional one. Don't worry, Helen Grace is just fine- her mama is just having a minor breakdown.
  1. I have gained a good bit of weight since my last visit which wasn't expected. I am willing to accept some of it, but the rest I am blaming on the scale being off due to my doctor's group moving office buildings last week. Doesn't that movement get the weights all off?? Please tell me so!

  2. I was told by a nurse last week that my glucose test came back fine but that I needed to take an iron supplement because of my low iron level. Today my doctor told me that my iron wasn't a big deal but that my glucose level was 140. She is supposed to make people with sugar levels of 140 and above take the next glucose test, so she wants me to do it next week. She said that at first she was just going to blow it off, but by the time I got the appointment, she had talked herself into making me take the second level test. This means that I have to fast the night before, go sit in her office for three hours, and have my blood tested on the hour. BOOOOOO! I was so upset about the weight and then this news after I thought I had done so well that I completely blanked out and didn't get into what this means for me or for Helen Grace. Shame on me. I obviously need to do some research before my test next Wednesday.

  3. We were scheduled for our 4D ultrasound this afternoon as well, but Helen Grace had her hand in front of her face the entire time. The technician felt so bad for us that she didn't even charge us for it. After 30 minutes of the nurse beating on my tummy, trying to get her to move, I was just fine with not seeing her face as long as she'd quit shaking my baby! We might be able to try again while I am there next week for my glucose test, depending on the technician's schedule. For some good news, Helen Grace weighs 3 pounds, 8 ounces and is in the 49th percentile for weight. We saw her little heart beating away and her hands and feet moving around. Also, we were able to see her yawn which was freaking ADORABLE!

So now I am watching "Dancing with the Stars" and "24" and having a pity party for myself with a virgin pina colada made by my sweet hubby. Hopefully, I'll wake up on the better side of the bed tomorrow morning! I keep reminding myself that we are so thankful Helen Grace is healthy and growing, and we get to see her in a little less than 10 weeks!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Wonderful "Babymoon"

You MUST go online right now and schedule a trip to the Alluvian Hotel in Greenwood, Mississippi. We had such an amazing and relaxing weekend, and the Alluvian is an amazing little oasis in the middle of the Delta.

We slept late on Friday morning and left home around lunch. We made it to Greenwood mid-afternoon, and we were so impressed with the modern and elegant hotel! The attention to detail is amazing, and everything- art, curtains, tile work, flooring, bedding, technology, etc.- is done to the 9's. While John took a nap, I went mad shopping in all the cute shops on Howard Street! That night we ate dinner at Giardina's in the hotel, and we enjoyed a delicious meal- minus the whole crab that I got when I ordered a "fried crab" appetizer. Luckily, the waitress felt pity for the crazy pregnant lady and took it away very quickly before I puked.

Saturday morning we hit the Alluvian Spa, which we have decided is better than any in Memphis, Oxford, DeSoto County, etc. The only one that can even come close would be the spa at Opryland Hotel. This place rocks!! The robes were luxurious, the lockers were complete with bags for your jewelry and electronic locks, the tile work on the floor was amazing, they had McCarty pottery everywhere, the lighting and music in the rooms were so classy and nice, the tables were so comfortable...I could go on and on! After the spa, we went to lunch at Delta Bistro, which is a really cute little lunch spot with GREAT food and dessert (you must try the lemon ice box pie), and then we wandered around town. The Leflore County Courthouse is one of the 50 places you must see in Mississippi, according to a book I found in Turnrow Books, which is another must-see in Greenville. Turnrow's on the same level of uniqueness and charm as Square Books!

Saturday night we headed across the street to our Viking cooking class, and we were very relieved and excited to find that we were in the class with a really cool group of people, and we enjoyed working together to make our dinner. John and I were responsible for making the chocolate mousse dessert and the lobster mashed potatoes. Since we had butchered the vinaigrette dressing in our last class and we don't really dig mushrooms, we steered clear of the salad dressing and the steaks. One of the chefs made me the most beautiful glass of lemonade with instructions to pretend it was the wine that everyone else was enjoying. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Sunday morning we woke up a little early to enjoy the yummy breakfast at the hotel and hit the road to make it back to Bubba's for Easter lunch. I rarely get to see William and Ryves at the same time these days, so I enjoyed sitting at the "kids' table" with all my boys, and even Peg and Jeanne were there! I love how our families have blended so beautifully. We are very blessed. Poor William wanted to feel Helen Grace move, and even after a Coke and a glass of tea, she just wasn't cooperating! Hopefully, next time I see him she'll be more willing to work with us.

Tomorrow is our 31-week check-up and our 4D ultrasound. Can't wait!

We know that our time alone as a couple is limited with Helen Grace's arrival around the corner, and while we very much look forward to the gift of being a family of three, we truly relished the time that we were given this weekend to spend together as just the two of us- as well as the long hours of sleep we were able to get! Hope each of you had a relaxing weekend and enjoyed Easter surrounded by friends and family!

Our room at the Alluvian
In the Alluvian lobby before dinner at Giardina's
LeFlore County Seat
Delta Bistro
In the Alluvian courtyard before our Viking class
John working on our chocolate mousse- yummm!
Loving my specially-made-for-me lemonade!
Our finished product...dee-lish!
Easter at Bubba with Ryves and William (and Helen Grace)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Less Than 70 Days?! Really?!

Wow, 30 weeks have passed so quickly! I am not quite ready to think about her no longer moving around inside me, although I'd love to hold her in my arms. It's such a fun feeling to have her wiggling around in my tummy- I wish I could explain it fully to John. I have loved every part of pregnancy so far, and I know I am very lucky to have had such a good experience.

Week 30
We got a fun package in the mail today from Monogram Magic...some goodies from our shopping spree in Jackson recently. Look at these adorable outfits for Helen Grace! Can't wait to see them on her!
We're off to Greenwood in the morning! Yay for a long weekend together! And Bubba's cooking on Easter...yummmm!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Worst Nightmare

My mother has an addiction to Windex; my personal addiction is my Dust Buster. See, I come by it naturally. Also, I am an accountant. I tend to be a little OCD. It's just in my bones- I can't help it. Add to that pregnancy hormones which make me COMPLETELY irrational, especially when things do not go according to plan.

With all of this being said, WHY would a company as smart and sophisticated as Ballard Designs send me, of all people, a table for the nursery that was wrapped in little bitty bits of Styrofoam that went EVERYWHERE when we opened the box?!?! I just about LOST IT. Poor John. I think he could see the steam coming out of my ears and my eyes roll back in my head. We headed straight for the Dust Buster, and I used it until the battery died on me. It's currently back on the charger to prepare for Round 2! Here is the mess that put me over the edge.

So after my small breakdown and much soothing from John, the table is together and in the nursery. It looks great- and I can finally laugh about my moment(s) of insanity!

On a better note, I wanted to share some pics of how the kitties are enjoying all of this hubbub around our house. They are loving hiding out underneath the crib! Rebel just watches our every move, like it's HIS room.

We got a very sweet gift in the mail today, and Mocha had to personally inspect the package!

Sunday, John and Daddy worked very hard to hang the fan in the nursery, and it looks great! I'm very grateful that they are so handy!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

We Survived

Wow, I wasn't quite prepared for our childbirth class today. I had been worried about how John was going to take it, but I thought I would be ok with most of the gory details since so many of my friends have had babies. We were alright for the first part of the morning, and we even giggled through the labor video. I was more embarrassed for the women who were having a baby on a big screen for the world to see than grossed out by the details. John was impressed that there wasn't as much blood as he had expected, so that was a pleasant surprise. When the video wrapped up around noon, we thought we were free for lunch...but oh no, we still needed to hear all the gory details about the epidural, which kept coming and coming and coming! The nurse was very detailed and long-winded, and whew, the room got hot, my stomach started turning, my back was arching. I finally had to pull out a magazine and tune out the nurse before I got sick! There was no reason for all those details! We finally got a lunch break around 12:30, and we ran out like the building was on fire. We scarfed down some food at Wendy's, and I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to get John back into the classroom afterward- as we pulled out of Wendy's parking lot, he told me that he wasn't going to put on his seat belt in hopes that we would have a wreck on the way back. LOL! I am still laughing about that. Bless his heart! The afternoon session was bearable but still hard to sit through after being in that room all morning. We got out early enough that we were able to make it to Hayes' 6th birthday party, so that was the highlight of the day! I am so lucky to have a hubby that would sit through all of that with me, especially on a beautiful spring day- he definitely deserves a medal!

We have 11 weeks before Helen Grace joins us, and time is flying by at lightning speed. Next weekend, we are very much looking forward to a long weekend getaway at the Alluvian in Greenwood where we have a Viking cooking class and spa appointments scheduled. The next weekend is John's birthday, and then baby showers are around the corner. It will be May before we know it! We hope Helen Grace's chair will arrive this week too.

This is the style of rocker-glider-recliner, "Tryp" by Best Chairs, that Bubba bought for Helen Grace from Babytime...

This is a sample of fabric that is as close to ours as I could find, except that ours in the inverse of this...the background is white and the pattern is in green. As much as I would have loved to find a pink chair, I hope that we will be able to use it in a little boy's room one day as well.