Tuesday, February 20, 2018

January Snow

On the night of Thursday, January 11th, HG, John, and I were huddled over the kitchen table, studying/ struggling/ arguing over an upcoming comprehensive multiplication test on Friday. We finally gave up and got ready for bed. Snow wintery weather was predicted for overnight Thursday/ Friday morning, but as Southerners, we take that with a grain of salt; however, HG was praying urgently for intervention and made sure that we put spoons under our pillows, flushed a cup of ice cubes, put her pjs on inside out, etc. MUCH to her delight on Friday morning, we woke up to the sound of ice hitting our windows, and soon, white covered the ground.

On Friday morning, we bundled up to head outside after breakfast, but soon, Cressey decided she did NOT like the snow hitting her in the face, even with HG giving her a fun sled ride in the driveway. I called our sweet teen neighbor to come over and play inside with Cressey so that HG and I could go play outside. We couldn’t get a ton of traction on our smaller hill and driveway, but once John got home, they suited up again and made the trek to the big hill on the other side of the neighborhood where they had much better sledding success. They sledded, threw snowballs, and made snow angels until they were frozen solid and the sun set.

2018-01-12 07.59.05

2018-01-12 09.33.43

2018-01-12 09.40.06

2018-01-12 09.45.15

2018-01-12 09.55.16

2018-01-12 10.17.05

2018-01-12 10.19.48

2018-01-12 10.23.27

“I’d rather stay right here, thank you very much.”

2018-01-12 16.11.39

2018-01-12 16.28.04

2018-01-12 16.37.55

2018-01-12 17.08.03

She absolutely refused any gloves or hats outside in the snow, but inside in the nice warm house, she wouldn’t take off my hat. #dramaqueen

2018-01-12 19.02.15

2018-01-13 09.36.03

Martin Luther King Day was Monday, January 15th, and that night, we got yet another blanket of snow. It ended up settling on the roads so badly that the schools were out through Thursday. Any patches of road that were shady or tree-covered were coated in ice for days due to the very low temperatures. So a one day school week- eek! And by the way, Cressey didn’t like snow anymore this time than last. Oh well. We did manage to make some snow cream this time.

2018-01-16 06.05.43

2018-01-16 10.45.54-2

2018-01-16 10.46.00

2018-01-16 10.47.10-1-1

2018-01-16 10.48.29-2

“I’ll just watch you roll around in the freezing snow from right here in this nice, warm house.” –Cressey to HG

2018-01-16 10.57.25-2

Snow cream!

2018-01-16 16.16.26

2018-01-16 16.23.01

And this is what Cressey thinks about all this homebound business (this is also her favorite new perch)

2018-01-16 16.18.24

Toohig Tidbits: December

Oh no. She discovered Nutella.

The Christmas tree goes up! She rediscovers the magic wand that turns on the tree’s lights.

And Snow Village….she’s juuuust tall enough to be dangerous.

The Hines girls were over after school and helped welcome all the Snow Village villagers.

Cress and I needed some fresh air one afternoon and headed to the zoo.

Kissies for fishies

“Sissssyyyyyyyy????” (waiting in carpool)

Cressey’s 2K SAA assessment. She walked right down the hall and into the room and never looked back.

They gave her a cookie for a reward- her love language!

Always begging at the table

All I wanted was a pic with the girls in front of the tree. I got one at a time, so I guess it wasn’t a total fail.

Lunch with Neely Duck

Knock, knock, horsey

Ms. Marcy went to Jerusalem and brought back rosaries and candy for the girls. HG was especially excited!

Alpine Village

Vaco Christmas party

Cressey’s first birthday party for her very own friend, Delaney

December birthdays at the Browns’

Cressey always steals her grandmothers’ glasses

HG and her classmates went back to the assisted living facility with their dogs. HG had to borrow Mrs. Mullins’s dog and reminded me of that every chance she had.

Addie’s 5th birthday party

HG’s year end barn party- she got reserve champion (2nd place) overall in cavaletti (jumping over the poles) and 5th overall in her class for the year

Curly hair, don’t care

Christmas cookies with Spiffer

John’s work Christmas party (HG was there too but just chasing boys somewhere)

Momo can’t be close enough

Celebrating Addie’s actual birthday

Headed home and Cressey fell asleep. HG rode half the way home leaned over to hold Cressey’s head up

HG and Cressey in the same dress


Cressey's Christmas handprint treasure