Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Last Jackson Trip of the Summer

The week before school started, we decided to squeeze in one more Jackson trip. With Worth leaving for Ole Miss soon and Grace Ann starting her freshman year of high school, things are about to get busy (and change a lot, sniff sniff, but we aren’t talking about that)!

The few days before we left were spent with HG and me pulling our hair out with Cressey screaming like crazy in the char. To try to keep the peace, we let GD drive, Spiffer and I sat in the backseat with C, and HG sat in the last row. As long as I held C’s hand and talked to her, she was happy, and she slept most of the way. We met Suzanne and GA for lunch at Newk’s and then hit Gloria’s pool.

By dinnertime on Thursday night, Hayes and Hastings arrived in Jackson with their other grandparents, so they came over for pizza and more pool time (and Uncle Lary too). The girls had a big time splashing and jumping in the pool (until the rain hit)! As the girls were swimming though, the grownups slowly started realizing how warm it now was inside… Gloria’s air conditioning had gone out, and it was HOT! We packed it up and headed to a hotel- Cressey’s first hotel experience! GD found us a great suite, so they had one room and the girls and I had another. We made a pallet on the floor for Cressey. We did get there late, but once we all got in bed and quiet, she had no problem falling asleep, although by the morning, she had wiggled herself 90 degrees!

We had a slow morning in the hotel and then went back over to Glo’s (whose house had cooled down over night, thankfully) for some sandwiches and more pool time for GA and HG. Worth came too, and we were so glad to see him!

We were all a bit fuzzy around the edges by the time we got back home Friday night, after all the extra stops and work that a baby requires, but we sure did enjoy some time with our family before some big life changes happen.

Road trip!

2016-08-04 10.09.48

I’m HUNGRY, Mama!

2016-08-04 13.18.32

Grace Ann’s dog, Rebel, had his first swim at Glo’s on Thursday.

2016-08-04 14.07.49

2016-08-04 14.08.01

The many faces of Cressey

2016-08-04 18.03.212016-08-04 18.03.352016-08-04 18.03.56-12016-08-04 18.04.15

2016-08-04 19.34.11

Sweet cousins

2016-08-04 20.05.56

HG was obsessed with this dog.

2016-08-04 21.04.10

Getting cozied into the hotel

2016-08-04 21.51.51

Goodnight vs good morning

2016-08-04 22.34.142016-08-05 06.39.18

Cressey grunts a lot while she sleeps and ended up disturbing HG, so I pulled her into the bed with us for the early morning hours.

2016-08-05 07.08.41

On the way home, HG moved up to sit next to me, and while I was squished beyond comfort, it sure was magical to have both of my girls asleep on either side of me. Those are priceless cuddles!

2016-08-05 16.17.02

2016-08-05 16.18.01-1

2016-08-05 16.18.52

2016-08-05 16.25.23

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Cressey’s Baptism

With our crazy summer, we hadn’t been too focused on scheduling Cressey’s baptism, and by the time we did, Christ the King didn’t have one planned until late August. As our healthy baby grew, we weren’t sure she would fit in the gown that Bubba made and Helen Grace wore. Plus, Granddaddy and Spiffer would be on vacation then.

So we called in a favor to the priest that married us- Father Carl- who serves at St. Therese-Little Flower parish- where Jeanne and I went through RCIA. Father Carl and John have known each other a lifetime, and their families are great friends. He offered to baptize Cressey, as well as Ryan Brown (Fr. Carl has also known CB for 30 years), the following weekend, July 23rd, before he left for a vacation. EEEEKK!!! We scrambled and got ourselves together in time because it was just the perfect storm of special people and places.

John and I asked Aunt Gloria, Emily, and CB to be Cressey’s godparents, and John and I were Ryan’s godparents. That made things both simple and complicated all at the same time! I don’t think the priest or the deacon knew who to say which part of the ceremony to. We all got a good laugh out of it.

I worried myself into a tizzy about how Cressey would do since the mass was at 4:30. She was wide awake and happy at the beginning of the service, despite having to get changed into a hot and long dress in a room that was at least 100 degrees, and she soon fell asleep and slept through the entire service- even the water being poured over her head! (HG slept through the mass as well, but she woke up when the water hit her eyes.)

The Toohigs, Moores, Browns, and Brickells celebrated over dinner at Napa Cafe after mass, where we had the whole back room to ourselves. The kids were able to run wild (mostly; HG was a little cranky/tired by this point), and the grown ups could relax and visit. We are so lucky that all of our families blend so well into one.

We just couldn’t have asked for more as far as sweet baby behavior and wonderful memories made with our families, both blood and love.



2016-07-23 16.19.11-2


{HGT: Sept 2009}



{back to Cressey}



2016-07-23 16.34.02

2016-07-23 16.34.30


{HGT: Sept 2009}


{back to Cressey}








2016-07-23 17.41.26

{HGT: Sept 2009}


{Back to Cressey}  Peggy gave this cross to the church when Jeanne and I joined the Catholic church, and she had a plaque engraved on the bottom. Only appropriate that her namesake took a pic with it.



Stripping in church- oh my!

2016-07-23 17.49.01

2016-07-23 19.03.08

2016-07-23 19.05.32

Walking their babies

2016-07-23 19.48.48

“We made it!!!”

2016-07-23 19.50.02

All tuckered out

2016-07-23 22.14.29

Cheer Camp

Helen Grace had been looking forward to cheer camp all summer. Hanging out with the CBHS cheerleaders all week was soooo cool!

Super pumped for the first day. Despite living 9 minutes from school now, I only got her to camp on time one day all week. Ugh. Getting out the door with the baby in tow has proven challenging. Luckily, HG is as cool as cucumber and could care less if we were on time.

2016-07-18 08.52.35

2016-07-18 11.31.01

2016-07-18 12.48.54

Bubba came to visit that afternoon.

2016-07-18 13.55.57

Tuesday morning started with a bit of excitement. I was awakened by Blue chasing around what I thought was a pony tail holder. I got up to make him stop and realized that he was chasing a LIZARD!!!!! Unfortunately, my lizard chaser (HG) was asleep, so I had to pull myself together and catch it under a cup. I set the cup outside the back door, and when HG woke up, he was still caught inside the cup. Unfortunately/fortunately, she remembered that Grandma had given her a critter-catching cage, so she scooted him in there and was enthralled. We finally let him out by dinnertime that night.

2016-07-19 06.52.25

2016-07-19 08.04.19-1

2016-07-19 08.47.48

Throughout the chase, he lost a little bit of his tail. HG and I learned that his tail would still wiggle when it was chopped off. EWWWW!!!!

2016-07-19 10.04.54

One of the big girls had fun braiding all the little girls’ hair.

2016-07-19 11.36.23

Maddie came home with us one day after cheer camp. This level of excitement lasted all day.

2016-07-19 11.39.08

2016-07-20 09.01.25

Early morning shenanigans

2016-07-21 08.04.56

We met the Fiks for lunch after camp on Thursday. As always with the Fik girls, Cressey was a big hit. Lilah invited HG to spend the night and ride to camp together on Friday morning, and she made it all night! Katie said she was a little sad at bedtime and missed mama, but she didn’t want to go home. After Katie rubbed her back for a minute or two, she was snoring! I was proud of her for pushing through.

2016-07-21 12.26.45

They did a performance on Friday and showed us a cheer and dance. HG really did well with both and enjoyed it a lot. She had been practicing at the Fiks, and Katie said she was making this biggest ‘cheerleader’ face when doing the shimmey. She chickened out and didn’t do it up so big in front of the crowd of parents!

2016-07-22 11.12.37

2016-07-22 11.13.42

2016-07-22 11.13.43

2016-07-22 11.13.47

2016-07-22 11.13.48

2016-07-22 11.18.08

2016-07-22 11.18.25

Grandma, GD, and Spiffer came to cheer on our cheerleader!

2016-07-22 11.19.03

2016-07-22 11.19.31

2016-07-22 11.19.36

2016-07-22 11.23.17

Cressey’s first (but not last!) time in the Davis Gym.

2016-07-22 11.23.21

We celebrated a great performance over lunch at the Booksellers at Laurelwood.

2016-07-22 11.55.54