Sunday, September 17, 2017

Cressey: 17 Months


Cressey gets jealous when HG crawls up in one of our laps and insists on getting up there too (which infuriates HG).

If left alone in the pantry (one of her favorite places), she can be found throwing stuff off the shelves and into the trash can.

She’s obsessed with hats and will wear HG’s riding helmet or John’s baseball hats for hours, crying if you try to take it away. She’ll also put my purse or necklaces around her neck. Loves to wear ponytail holders as bracelets.


As soon as John comes in the door, she follows him everywhere he goes- to his closet, bathroom, seat at the kitchen table. Little shadow.

She has a few moles now- under her cheek, on her thigh, etc.

Constantly babbles and hearing more words and phrases now: hat, head, heeeey, let’s go, there you go. I swear I heard her say, “Where’d Hewen Gwace go?,” when HG hopped out at school last week. When you ask her what a cat says, she’ll softly say, “Meow!” (about half of the time). She’ll mimic noises you make, and she loves to gasp.

Climbs in and out of chairs constantly. In fact, for the first time this week at lunch with Hope, I let her sit next to me in a booth instead of a high chair, and she was entertained for almost 40 minutes. She is pretty fearless, and while she’s climbing on a bed or other high surface, she’ll roll over on her tummy and slide off…even if the ground is nowhere in sight.

She. Moves. Constantly. If she’s awake, she is moving. She will sit in my lap for a minute or two after her milky sometimes, but it’s rare.

She can see over the top of the kitchen table, so she pulls everything off and wants every drop of food she can spy.

If one of us is eating, she HAS to be eating that food as well.

Hates to be left alone in a room if we are at home. Major Velcro baby. (I asked John if there were such a thing as ‘toddler elbow’ like tennis elbow?) If I walk out of sight, she FREAKS OUT. But if we are out in public, she will happily run from me and not stop when I scream her name.

She’s almost running. Kind of a stubby little run but much faster than her Frankenstein walk. Will run to any grandparent she sees.

Hates the car seat, even with the DVD player. The only thing she hates more than the car is getting her nails cut. Disaster.

Still addicted to her lovey (white bunny paci). We have tried to limit just to bedtime, but she’s been so fussy with teething that we often will give it to her in the witching hour (4-5 p.m.). She sleeps with other animals in the bed, but she isn’t attached to any of them.

Just taking one two-hour nap in the mid morning. Sometimes I think she could go back down around 2 or 3 (usually while we are waiting in carpool), but then she’d be up so late so we push through. At bedtime, she likes to read a few books, and then she’s ready to lay in her bed. I’ll scratch her back or rub her head for a minute or two, and then she puts herself to sleep.

LOVES PDO. A few weeks ago, I would walk through the halls before dropping her off and help her warm up. After seeing all the other kids playing, she’d happily go into her class without a fuss. (First time with no tears was the fourth time on Aug 24.) Just this past week though, I’d stop at her classroom to hand off her bags, and she’d put her little arms out to the teacher and then want her to put her down in the classroom to run off to play. She usually takes a two-hour nap there too- ON HER MAT. Can you believe it?! (She actually took a nap recently at Spiffer’s on a mat too.) On August 21, when I picked her up from PDO, she gave me the biggest kiss right on the lips (which is really rare).


Loves shoes now and will bring them to you to put them on her.


Can understand simple tasks like ‘bring me your diaper', ‘find the other shoe,’ etc.

She loves straws, but we finally found a bigger sippy cup that she’ll drink a big cup of milk out of (still a soft top).

Loves Mickey and Puppy Dog Pals on tv.

Still loves walks in the stroller.

She’s really kind to and gentle with the kitties, and they’ll sit and let her pet them.

On Sept 2nd, I spotted two cuspids coming in on top.

On Sept 13th, she had her first public lay-in-the-floor meltdown. We’ve started Little Gym this semester, and she is like a bull in a china shop and laughs the whole time. But when I told her that she couldn’t take a drum stick off the mat like her teacher said, she lost it.

On Sept 14th, I was standing at the sink with her wrapped around my legs as usual, but then I felt something hit my feet. I looked down to see that she had taken off her dirty diaper and was standing there naked. PANIC!

Monday, August 14, 2017

HG Takes On Third Grade

Monday, August 7th was registration night at school, so Cressey, HG, and I trekked up there around dinner to decorate her locker- a first!- and drop off her books in her classroom. (I should say that HG skipped and Cress and I just tried to keep up.) Cress was soon a disaster with it being the witching hour, so I spent most of the time chasing her down the hall, scooping her up just before someone tripped over her, and trying to encourage HG to wrap it up without rushing her out the door! She was SO excited about her locker with white board, mirror, and magnets. She took pics of John, Cress, and me to hang inside. I was quite impressed we made the cut.

Tuesday morning, HG had to get a cavity filled and Cressey had a knee-to-knee exam, so that afternoon, we called in Spiffer and GD so that HG and I could have a day of fun before school started on Wednesday. She is starting guitar lessons, so we got my old guitar all fixed up and added a strap. Then we indulged at 901 Scoop and wrapped up with pedicures. It was just what we needed to have some quality time before the hectic school year returned. (Worth noting that this was the first morning all summer that both of the girls slept past 7 a.m.)

Wednesday morning, HG was up with the sun and roaring to go for the first half day. I asked our neighbor, Sydney Ellen, to come hang out with Cressey so that HG could have a smooth morning, all about her. She chirped happily all the way there and was off like a light when we got there. When we got to the classroom, a handful of girls were there but no grownups. I hesitated at the door to the classroom, but HG gave me a little nod to come in with her. She got her stuff settled at her desk and then flitted off with the others to help put up supplies. She gave me a big hug, and I was out the door. Such a difference from years past!

Also worth noting, after a week of third grade, she has gotten herself *entirely* dressed every single morning, flat out refusing help with even socks.
2017-08-07 16.31.37
Mrs. Mullins
2017-08-07 16.34.00
2017-08-07 16.37.24
A future Star
2017-08-07 16.37.38-1
2017-08-07 16.47.05
2017-08-07 16.47.21-1
2017-08-07 16.53.00
Painting of the saddle oxfords
2017-08-08 08.14.42
While getting her guitar restringed, she befriended the guys at the store. They asked her to hold this guitar that had been played by the lead singer of ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. It was worth $40,000! I about had a heart attack!
2017-08-08 14.13.32
While waiting on ice cream…
2017-08-08 14.39.38
2017-08-08 15.55.11
Future rock star
2017-08-08 16.31.30
The night before...
First (half) day of third grade
2017-08-09 07.24.11-1
2017-08-09 07.25.25
2017-08-09 07.27.26
She doesn’t yet know that she’s not coming along…
2017-08-09 07.28.08
2017-08-09 07.52.31
2017-08-09 07.58.44-1
2017-08-09 08.09.47
2017-08-09 08.15.58

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Cressey: 16 Months


When she’s joyful, she’s overflowing with love and happiness. But when she’s mad, she is really furious.

She is reaching for doorknobs and can open the lever ones on tip toes. John has noticed she can see over the top of the kitchen table now too. She can see what (food) we are hiding from her!

She can give ‘knucks’ and high fives.

When she asks for more food, she’ll hand you the fork and say ‘thank you.’ It’s got the incantation of the phrase but not the words itself- something like ‘ink you.’

While she doesn’t say the words, she’ll make noises along with ‘1, 2, 3!!!!’

I sneezed as I walked through the den and then realized she was following me saying, ‘ah, ah, choo!’

She has 12 teeth, including four molars. At her dentist check up this week, Dr. B pointed out her top two canine teeth coming in and saw the buds of the bottom ones starting to come through.

Still a tummy sleeper in her sleep sack. Still can’t figure out how many naps she wants to take. Hugs and loves on her animals in her bed.

Lifts her feet when you try to set her down when she wants you to hold her.

She’ll face plant when she’s mad. She’ll put her legs out and lean her head all the way into the floor.

She’ll often surprise you with big hugs around your knees. She’s not as cuddly as HG was/is because she’s constantly on the move, but when she chooses to share the love, she loves big. Will occasionally give kisses too.

Not necessarily running yet but is walking really quickly. She can go fast in a straight line but turning quickly can be disastrous.

Will back up and sit herself in your lap.

Just these last few days, she’s started bringing us her sandals to put on and is insistent that they go on RIGHT THEN.
2017-08-13 09.16.59

Loves to put her face in the water in the bath or pool. Likes John to lay her on her tummy and take her on a cruise around the pool.

She’s absolutely fearless and doesn’t hesitate at anything.

Loves to close cabinet doors, refrigerator doors, dryer door, etc.

Much to my frustration, Cressey actually LIKES HG to scare her. She will cackle like crazy and then chase after HG.

She’s not one to walk along hold your hand…only if it’s something new or you are helping her down some stairs. (I don’t let her go up and down them on a normal basis, so she gets pretty excited when she’s allowed.) Desperate to climb the stairs.

She knows exactly what you’re saying. Now whether she’ll obey you or not is the question.

Really likes the jeep with the wind blowing in her hair. She and HG ‘chit chat’ a lot in the back seat.

When you tell her to sit on her bottom (usually on the stairs), she'll pat her bottom as if to acknowledge you but she rarely sits down.

Babbling up a storm. We’re hearing ‘uh oh,’ a really clear ‘mama’ and ‘dah-dee,’ and some phrases like ‘go upstairs’ or ‘let it go.’

We’ve taken the paci away during the day but give it back during sleep (and school). She gets really mad when you try to take it from her. While she loves a straw, we struggle to find a cup that she likes to have a big cup of milk out of after a meal. We’ve finally dropped the bottle and are using a transitional sippy cup with a soft top.

She’s had strep this month, thanks to sharing treats with HG. She takes meds like a champ…as long as HG pretends to take it too.

She will start PDO this month, so she went for a trial run on July 27th. HG and I walked her in, and as we stood at the half door to her room, she held her hands out to the teacher and went to her easily. Only when she was there did she start to rethink her decision. She started to fuss, and HG and I hightailed it out of there. The teachers sent me pics all day long of her happily playing. She wouldn’t nap for them, but the director just rolled her crib into the office and sent me videos of Cressey playing peekaboo and laughing hysterically with her. Made mama super happy! When we got there at dismissal, she was back in the classroom and happy to see us. She had a little tear and her teacher said she wouldn’t be so mad when she saw who was at the door. After seeing her play with some kiddos in the dentist waiting room this week, I think she gets her feelings hurt when others take her toys. She puts her little hand over her face and starts crying. Maybe that was what was bothering her. This is the perfect time for PDO then!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Toohig Tidbits: Pony Camp(s)

HG’s barn offers three weeks of pony camp in the summer. We had a conflict with the first one, so we signed her up for the second one, the week of June 26th. It’s always one of her favorite weeks of summer, but it’s usually relentlessly hot and by the end, she’s exhausted from working and playing so hard in the heat. But this year, she never complained a bit and begged to go to the last week too. It didn’t hurt that she rode to camp in the morning with Ms. Jody, so she enjoyed riding in a truck with a puppy dog in her lap and with some of the older counselors and getting there early to help set up. She also competed in her first outside show that first week with a group of five girls (all much older than her), and she won 2nd, 4th, and 5th place ribbons. She wanted to do camp and a show again so that she could earn a blue ribbon this time!

So we signed her up for the week of July 10th. I did hear her complain once about the heat that week, but she immediately made a new fun friend and they had a BIG time. In her second outside show, she and her friend were the only two in their division, so she won 1st, 2nd, 2nd, and reserve champion ribbons!

Week One

For the record, Granddaddy and Spiffer came to her show, but they were too busy wrangling Cressey (keeping her quiet and out of the pasture) to get in many pics. I also handed over John’s camera to a new mom friend there who happens to be a professional photographer, so she got some cute ones of the girls.











2017-06-30 09.33.26 HDR

2017-06-30 09.34.17-1

2017-06-30 09.34.28

2017-06-30 09.34.52

2017-06-30 09.48.59

Week Two

Grandma, Hastings, and Cam came to cheer her on, and she and Madison had a great time getting their horses ready and riding outside together. It couldn’t have been a more humid day, but we loved watching HG in her element!

2017-07-14 08.36.43

2017-07-14 08.40.23

2017-07-14 08.40.59

2017-07-14 08.50.51-1

2017-07-14 09.12.58-1

2017-07-14 09.17.42-1

2017-07-14 09.17.44

2017-07-14 09.18.40

2017-07-14 09.27.30-1

2017-07-14 09.29.00

2017-07-14 09.34.23

2017-07-14 09.34.47

Grandma was trying to help me get Cressey to cooperate in the pic…

2017-07-14 09.35.14-1