Sunday, February 12, 2017

CMT: Ten Months

She’s turned her wave around so that it faces outward most of the time. When she sees someone she knows, her little hands start flapping fast and furious.

Mocha has started letting her pet him a little. I have even witnessed him rubbing his face against her hand. Just once, but still! She mostly pets him correctly but will still pull a plug of hair out every now and then. He never responds though.

She is still pulling her hair behind her ear. Her hair looks like it’s going to be curly too as the ends are starting to turn up and the top waves over. Still a light brown color.

When asked, she looks up and points to a light or fan.

Spiffer has a book with an animal on each page and then a panel of buttons off to the side with each animal’s face on a button. This week, she’s been able to point to the matching animal button for almost every page. I had to see it with my own eyes to believe it!

HG drops whatever she’s doing each morning to go upstairs and wake up Cressey with me. When we walk in and she hears us, Cress starts shaking her arms and legs so much that the whole bed starts shaking. Once I start changing her diaper though, she’s out the door.

Just this weekend, she has started raising her little hands and arms up in a question or shrug when you ask her where something is. “Where’s Momo?”

2017-02-11 17.25.38

This weekend, we also lowered her mattress because she’s started pulling up on the side. She’s been rolling like a crazy lady, pushes up into a ‘baby seal’ position the minute you put her down in bed, and can get up on her knees. Still hasn’t mastered getting up into a full stand on her own but desperately wants to walk. When you carry her, when she wants something she’ll almost throw herself out of your arms to get down.

2017-02-02 09.15.47

She leans in to kiss HG (big, open mouthed ‘baby kiss’)…or maybe attempt a nibble? But no bites yet!

She has a little whisper voice that sounds like “ahschascha.”

She can be a little flirty with her eyes and puts head on her shoulder. Still will pretty much go to anyone and is very happy in general. Waves to everyone in a store.

When she’s really excited, she smiles really big, squints her eyes, and sticks her neck out.

2017-01-29 17.53.36

Loves the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and is trying desperately to get her hands to make that spider!

We started Kindermusik this month. She loves all the kids and either just sits and stares at them or giggles loudly and wildly. The parachute terrified her- big time cry- but she loves the drums and shakers.

She wants to eat real food all the time. I’ve not found anything (other than prune/apple juice) that she won’t eat. With that has come some constipation issues, but we are working on that with digestive probiotics and Mirilax. She is finally starting to get the hang of a sippy cup (has realized she needs to turn it up), but it will just run all down the front of her. Still has to figure out the sip control part of it!

In the last week, maybe it’s teething or maybe her increased skills/brain development, but her naps have been awful. She cries when you put her down, fights getting in her sleep sack, hollers or rolls around for a long time, and sleeps for just an hour or so. She will still sleep through the night, but again, it’s hard to get her down.

Nicknames: Little Bit, Love Bug, Little One (although HG says that’s exclusively hers), Cressey Baby, Cress, Sissy, Itty Bitty Baby Girl (HG still claims Baby Girl)

2017-02-08 12.42.14
2017-02-08 12.42.32
2017-02-08 12.44.17
2017-02-08 12.46.43

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Videos: January

HG had me send this one to Mrs. Barker so she could show it to her class for 'share time.'

Toohig Tidbits: January

HG says, “An ‘I love you’ is the best way to start the day.”

As HG learns to dress herself, we talk a lot about patterns. I told her that the patterns were fighting. She said, “I don’t see any blood anywhere, so they aren’t fighting.”

When HG crawled into bed with us late one night, she cuddled up with John, and he sniffed her hair. “Daddy, why are you sniffing my hair?” “Because it’s lovely.”

We were laughing about John running away from Cressey having a diaper ‘situation,’ and HG said, “All men are chicken!”

HG has been ON FIRE about helping me plan Cressey’s birthday party. “When I have a cuteness attack, it’s like a virus- I can’t stop!”

Someone was “bugging the nerves out of HG.”

Perfect way to start 2017
2017-01-01 07.51.35
When HG came home from her NYE sleepover at Grandma’s, I was no longer the first person she went running to…
 2017-01-01 17.55.39-1
2017-01-02 18.21.10
2017-01-03 19.03.42
Love this artwork HG made at school
2017-01-03 21.40.18
2017-01-05 14.21.36
This stupid Blue cat…
2017-01-05 19.31.58
Meant to share these Christmas wish lists created by HG
2017-01-06 15.04.55
2017-01-06 15.04.59
Celebrating Sara’s birthday at Alison’s house
2017-01-07 06.04.17
Celebrating Addie’s 4th birthday at Pump It Up
2017-01-07 15.48.00
2017-01-07 16.30.50-1
2017-01-07 16.37.13
Ready for church on a COLD January morning
2017-01-08 09.57.13
Loving her new car seat
2017-01-09 08.20.11
2017-01-09 17.48.35-1
2017-01-10 08.34.54
Literally attached at the hip
2017-01-11 09.20.03
“Heeeeey, girl, hey!”
2017-01-11 11.25.15-1
Watching sissy at gymnastics
2017-01-11 16.02.27
While HG wasn’t happy about my taking her pic, I had to snap this pic of Cress sitting with the big girls. (The Mattice girls had come over to our house to play, but we had to evacuate due to a burning smell that we couldn’t identify. Once we left him alone to hunt more effectively, John brought in his friend Lindsey, and they figured out it was the furnace engine.)
2017-01-13 18.29.49
Teaching some life skills
2017-01-14 12.30.09
Celebrating Selena Kate and Archer’s birthdays at Marshall’s World
2017-01-15 13.41.28
2017-01-15 14.00.57
Bubba’s jewelry makes the best toys!
2017-01-15 14.01.25-1
2017-01-15 14.01.31
2017-01-15 14.02.43
2017-01-15 14.08.27
Moore cousins: Helen Grace, Ella Catherine (3rd cousin), Sadye Bell (3rd cousin), and Selena Kate (2nd cousin). Double names run in the family.
2017-01-15 14.15.06
2017-01-15 14.29.38
MLK Day = an extra day with Daddy!!! Lunch at Huey’s and then the barn
2017-01-16 11.05.22
2017-01-16 12.38.23
2017-01-16 12.44.04
HG and I ended MLK with a mother-daughter pedicure (which took entirely too long but was wayyyy fun). As we walked into the shop hand in hand, HG asked, “Mama, when Cressey is bigger and we leave the house for girl things like this, we can just tell her we’re going around the block, right?”
2017-01-16 17.58.53
One night, we put Cressey to bed, but she wasn’t quite ready for it yet. After HG got to sleep, I saw on the monitor that Cressey was still rolling around in her bed, so I went in to pick her up and cuddle for a minute. John came in a few minutes later, and we had a fun little late night visit. We are so blessed to get to do this all over again, and we try not to take a second for granted.
2017-01-17 19.52.35-2
2017-01-17 19.52.47
2017-01-17 19.53.27
2017-01-17 19.53.51

2017-01-18 10.46.46
2017-01-18 10.46.53
HG snuck downstairs “scared” one night as we were still up and reading, and John did some exercises before taking her back up to bed.
 2017-01-18 22.19.50
2017-01-19 18.11.52
2017-01-20 10.26.01
2017-01-20 10.26.21
She can’t sit up on her own yet, but once I pull her up, she immediately grabs on to the rail and tries to pull up to a stand.
2017-01-20 17.14.07
Some love before school
2017-01-21 07.40.07
Cressey’s new “throwing out” trick isn’t so fun when you are trying to hold her.
2017-01-21 16.05.37
A note from HG
2017-01-22 07.52.03
All that hair can really hold a bow! She didn’t even notice it was in her hair until we took it out. Then she wouldn’t let us get it back in her hair because she wanted to hold it.
2017-01-22 08.17.20
If you support Cressey, she will take steps, especially toward her sissy.
2017-01-22 16.42.24
They sure do love each other.
2017-01-23 07.19.51
2017-01-23 08.02.25
After 16 months of extreme love/ torture, HG finally admitted that she had outgrown her first pair of saddle oxfords. While I have been tempted to sabotage these things because of how awful they looked, she was insistent on seeing them to the end. The end of an era!
2017-01-24 07.27.15
2017-01-24 18.40.41-1
Spirit day
2017-01-25 07.35.52
See that little head popping up? She has been rolling around in her bed like a crazy lady lately, and she is usually popped up looking at you when you walk in the room.
2017-01-25 13.52.33
Love finding evidence of HG playing with my shoes
2017-01-26 10.03.12
Fun at Seafood Junction
2017-01-26 18.32.53
I had to go to Oxford for initiation, but John took the girls to run in the Lisa Lass race at Grace St. Luke’s. It was the first race for both girls, and except for the really cold wind in their faces toward the end, I think they all enjoyed it! The Hasseltines were there too, so Cam caught some good footage for me. Hayes and Hanley both got second place in their age groups!
2017-01-28 10.08.45
Also saw Mary Caroline!
2017-01-28 10.11.36

She was D-O-N-E!
2017-01-29 14.36.17
Celebrating Eli’s third birthday
2017-01-28 16.14.41
Lilah came over to spend the night (HG’s first slumber party in the new house). They were so well behaved and entertained each other so well.
2017-01-28 19.13.53
Meanwhile, Cress and I entertained ourselves…
2017-01-28 19.23.23
2017-01-28 19.23.36
Movie and popcorn time
2017-01-28 20.35.54
Annnnd they’re out!
2017-01-28 21.46.07
We stopped by to see Mary Mason and Darby.
2017-01-29 16.02.21
2017-01-29 16.16.52
And then we swung by the Brooks Museum to see the last day of their “Intrude” bunny exhibit. It was so cool to see these huge bunnies but short lived due to it being so cold once the sun went down.
2017-01-29 17.01.30
2017-01-29 17.03.51
2017-01-29 17.04.58
This girl laughing at her daddy
2017-01-29 17.53.40
A lady at a restaurant gave Cressey her first Oreo. Disastrously delicious.
2017-01-30 12.00.00
A beautiful January day to ride Beanie
2017-01-30 16.23.44
Beanie got excited while running a course and cantered a little. HG was laughing with Ms. Jody afterward, but don’t let the smile fool you- she was NOT happy with that horse for cantering. (Terrified of falling lately)
2017-01-30 16.31.52

HG loves to hop in the tub with her sister. Cressey only cackles like that for HG, and it’s the best when they are playing in the bath. This night, HG wrapped her up and sat in front of the heater together.
2017-01-30 18.18.37
Carpool fun
2017-01-31 14.44.20 HDR
2017-01-31 14.44.53-1
Cressey’s first trip to the dentist, Dr. Blen. She wasn’t a fan of the knee to knee exam.
2017-01-31 15.34.49