Saturday, May 12, 2018

“I’m 2!”

She’s 36 inches long and weighs 36 pounds. At her checkup, she didn’t have any shots but had to get her finger pricked for bloodwork. She immediately pulled off the bandaid and left the two of us and the exam room covered in blood droplets. Awful. (Btw, as we pulled up the doctor’s office, she realized where we were and threw a fit. I took off her seatbelt, and she tried to put it back on.)

2018-04-17 09.15.24
2018-04-22 17.25.04
2018-04-22 17.25.32
Quite a big change from one to two!
2018-04-22 22.56.07
2018-04-18 13.46.22
2018-04-18 14.21.53

Can now say “Cressey” really well and knows she is two

Knows several opposites- open/close, big/small, etc.

Can count up to 12 or so and can say/sing most of her ABCs

Can get her colors right most of the time- asks for the purple hula hoop, not the blue. She can pick out basic shapes too, and my mouth hit the floor the other day when she pointed and said, “Triangle!”

Will say “yes” and nod proudly so we are now working on “yes ma’am.” Also loves to infuriate her mama by saying “no” most of the time though.

Likes to hold my hand now, although she will situate her hand in yours so that she holds it just right and like a big girl- no holding on to just a finger or two.

Says “what’s dat,” “oh, man,” “stop it,” “jammas.” “good day,” “the end,” “lellas” (umbrellas), “sammich,” “awwww- they hug- they friends”

She’s got a little dimple on the center of her forehead, right above her left eye

On April 14th, Cressey climbed up on the couch and under a blanket with HG, and she told HG she loved her for the first time (completely unprompted). Talk about HG melting!

Wants to be outside all day every day. Even better if there are some puddles to stomp in.

While she doesn’t want to have her hands dirty, she is happy to stomp in puddles or get dirty outside.

She often won’t take her shoes off, in hopes she’ll get to escape outside again.

Can finally jump on two feet and has said her name when asked at Little Gym. She also tried a forward roll on her own when she hasn’t been willing to practice with me at all.

Loves to find airplanes in the sky and insists on buckling her top seatbelt clip on her own

Takes one two-hour nap around lunch time. Still only attached to a blanket and not a lovey, but she can nap fine at school without it.

Has gotten really shy suddenly. If we walk into a shop with other people or if a group of people show up at our house, she’ll tuck her head into my shoulder and wrap her legs around me and stay there for a while. She’s been more reluctant to say goodbye at school too, but she soon gets happy and is always playing happily (and doesn’t want to leave) when I get there.

Has zero patience and is terrible at sharing

Obsessed with pizza. The doorbell rings, and she goes running to the front door screaming, “peeee-zaaaa!” Also wants milk 24/7 too.

Absolutely refuses a bath and will only take a shower. Screams like a banshee if you put soap on her or try to shampoo her hair.

Not really interested in potty training. Would rather use the toddler potty for a step stool or to disassemble.

She turned two and stopped eating well and brushing her teeth.

She’ll ‘bless you’ when you sneeze.

Loves to sing the ‘clean up’ song when she cleans up.


I was putting batteries in a toy, and Cressey reached over to help. I asked her, “Are you going to help me?,” and she said, “Of course!”

Cressey’s teacher was doing something silly in class. Cress looked at her and said as plain as day, “You weird!”

I was in the front seat of my car, clipping a broken nail. With every clip, Cress in the back seat says, “Ow! Ow! Ow!” (She obviously hates to get her nails clipped)

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Cressey’s 2nd Birthday

We had Cressey’s second birthday party on the afternoon of Saturday, April 7th, and since she’s awestruck by Bubble Guppies (“bubbies”), we went all out with all things Bubble Guppies, mermaids, and under the sea. She also loves to “jumpie,” so we had a bounce house. Also, Mrs. Rainbow built a huge balloon arch and stayed to paint faces and make balloon animals. HG and I painted a Bubble Guppies corn hole board, and we had a Bubble Puppy pinata and photo booth.
Last year, we had a beautiful spring day for her party, but this year, it was a nice, “balmy,” 30 degree-day with a few flakes in the early morning air. By party time, it had warmed up 10 degrees maybe, but Cress and HG didn’t seem to notice the cold because they were outside jumping from when it was delivered at 9 a.m. until they took it away around 6 p.m., albeit in hats and gloves! Cressey was shy about being sung to, but otherwise, she seemed to love being the center of the party.

Watching Mrs. Rainbow unload all of her balloons on Friday night
2018-04-06 19.07.12
To say she was happy would be an understatement
2018-04-06 19.35.35
Jumping in our pajamas on Saturday morning
2018-04-07 10.13.08-1
2018-04-07 10.25.32
2018-04-07 10.28.58
Party prep
Aunt Edie and Grandma had the task of making the banana dolphins
2018-04-07 15.22.41
2018-04-07 15.22.47
2018-04-07 15.22.53
2018-04-07 21.01.31
She couldn’t get enough of all the sea creatures
2018-04-07 11.06.47
2018-04-07 15.37.07
2018-04-07 16.07.56
2018-04-07 16.11.55
2018-04-07 16.13.12
2018-04-07 16.16.28
2018-04-07 16.20.30-1
2018-04-07 16.23.51
2018-04-07 17.01.31
2018-04-07 17.22.37
2018-04-07 21.01.48
2018-04-07 16.38.50

2018-04-07 17.40.32-1
2018-04-07 17.51.54
2018-04-07 17.52.49
2018-04-07 18.00.10
2018-04-07 18.11.35-1-1
2018-04-07 18.15.03-1
2018-04-07 18.19.43-1
2018-04-07 18.19.52 HDR
2018-04-07 18.34.10
2018-04-07 16.50.41
2018-04-07 21.00.35
2018-04-07 21.00.38
2018-04-07 23.01.18
2018-04-07 23.01.23
It’s been a long day
2018-04-07 20.36.17
2018-04-07 21.56.53
Seems to be a tradition that we spend the morning after Cressey’s party sitting on the kitchen counter, snacking on Whimsy cookies or cake!