Sunday, May 14, 2017

Toohig Tidbits: April

The word for Cressey specifically for April is BUSY. She is on the move!

This new trick drives me CRAZY. She rubs her dirty hands through her hair after she finishes eating.
2017-04-01 08.14.21
2017-04-01 11.37.42
2017-04-01 11.38.00
HG went to a wedding with us and loved the photo booth.
2017-04-01 18.53.46
HG has loved this statue at the zoo for years. Here’s the earliest and the latest pic I have of her with it.
2017-04-01 23.13.11
HG and I went to a shower to celebrate Christy’s baby Bella that will be born in early May. HG was the best assistant as she helped arrange/ re-pack all the gifts after Christy opened them.
2017-04-02 15.21.21
2017-04-02 15.21.44
She’s discovered this table but often gets mad when she gets stuck under it.
2017-04-03 07.35.53
I had to take HG to the doctor one morning with tummy pain, and Grandma met us there and entertained Cressey in the back of her van. Thank goodness for grandparents!
2017-04-03 10.06.07 HDR
2017-04-03 16.38.28
2017-04-03 16.42.06
2017-04-03 16.43.54-1
2017-04-04 08.29.06-3
GD and Spiffer gave Cressey a rocker just like HG for her first birthday. It was a big hit!
2017-04-05 11.21.41
2017-04-05 20.12.54
Can’t wait until she has her own pair of saddle oxfords!
 2017-04-05 16.10.48
2017-04-06 06.17.16
Cress stayed at Spiffer’s one day, and I came back to see her upstairs at the window.
2017-04-06 11.58.44-1
HG desperately wanted to dress up as the Easter Bunny for Cressey’s party, so we borrowed one from the school library. Unfortunately, it was too big for HG, but she had fun trying it on. Cressey was a little confused!
2017-04-07 16.04.48
2017-04-07 16.04.55
Winding her up before I put her down to bed…
2017-04-07 18.25.19-1
Last night going to bed as an eleven month old
2017-04-07 19.06.03
The morning after her party, Cressey had a Frito and a Whimsy Cookie for breakfast.
2017-04-09 12.02.23
Opening presents with sissy
2017-04-09 15.11.59
2017-04-09 15.16.25
Grizzlies date with Daddy
2017-04-09 16.54.43
She loved the walker too.
2017-04-09 18.24.21
Annnnd she’s found the dishwasher
2017-04-10 13.30.14
Sissy likes the new ball pit from Grandma too (as does every kid that visits and every pet in this house).
2017-04-10 17.47.45
And Cressey has discovered HG’s playroom at the end of the hall. And she usually gets the door closed in her face. Lots of tears!
2017-04-10 18.33.21
Trying a new method for dyeing Easter eggs- shaving cream and food coloring
2017-04-11 18.54.41
2017-04-17 13.42.05
Lunch at SAA
2017-04-12 13.10.00
HG sent her Flat Stanley to Evanston, IL, to visit her beach friend, Elise. Both girls were so excited about it!
2017-04-12 13.24.38
2017-04-12 13.31.20
SAA night at the Redbirds
2017-04-12 18.29.30
Played til she dropped
2017-04-12 20.21.44
Seafood Junction fun
2017-04-13 18.37.18
Who thought they’d ever see him with a pink bike? For the record, he was just fixing my bike’s tire, but he did have fun teaching HG about wheelies. Boys!
2017-04-14 09.59.48
HG has finally gained the confidence she needs for her bike and is now starting all on her own. It's a whole new world!
Cressey has started putting her head on my shoulder when she’s sleepy and will leave it there and let me cuddle her before bedtime (most days, anyway). I had to document since this wild child usually doesn’t let me hold her.
2017-04-14 13.42.13
Loves playing in the fridge and will stand there begging for you to open the door for her
2017-04-14 19.03.21-2
This old man wants to be as close as possible, 24/7. This is him beside me in my chair.
2017-04-14 20.41.39
Daddy trying to work his magic on her.
2017-04-15 10.01.47
Now she’s discovered the stairs. UGH.
2017-04-17 07.20.51
The Monday after Easter, the Coats girls came to play.
2017-04-17 11.06.01
Little bit so badly wants to hang with the big girls.
2017-04-17 11.21.50
2017-04-17 12.39.11
2017-04-18 12.36.38-1
Standing up in her bed is another new trick.
2017-04-18 13.00.30
Also, she HATES shoes of all kinds. I can’t find any that she will remotely tolerate. They all result in a face plant like this one.
2017-04-19 15.57.26
Yet another example of her angst...
Had to take a pic of this scene that I found on the kitchen counter because one day I’ll miss seeing little critters and toys scattered around.
2017-04-20 23.42.36
Kindermusik fun
2017-04-21 11.18.10
A little Whimsy treat on a Friday afternoon
2017-04-21 15.10.46
2017-04-21 15.17.23
2017-04-21 15.19.42-1
2017-04-21 15.21.03
What would I do without my big helper????
2017-04-21 15.55.57
Celebrating John’s birthday
2017-04-21 18.04.36
2017-04-21 18.04.45
HG sang that version of Happy Birthday where she said, “You smell like a monkey and you look like one too.” To HG’s dismay and surprise, Grandma took offense to her baby being called a stinky monkey.
2017-04-21 19.08.34
2017-04-21 19.08.50
2017-04-21 19.09.11-1
Teething kept her up for a few nights, but apparently, she didn’t mind a bit.
2017-04-22 14.00.08
Good to the last drop
2017-04-22 14.13.42
This cat is wrapped around her little finger.
2017-04-22 14.52.14
And he’s the weirdest cat to love water so much. He immediately hops in the shower when we get out.
2017-04-23 21.18.13
Another late night visit
2017-04-24 04.51.22
2017-04-24 07.27.53
A Monday morning face plant. Tantrums are tough!
2017-04-24 08.32.10
HG made it on the pony camp brochure!
2017-04-24 14.54.51
She had her third fall off a horse on April 24th (Moon, this time) when he slipped coming off a pole on the outside course. HG fell well (again) and didn’t hurt herself a bit. If anything, Jody and I were worried her yell would spook the horse, but it all went in her favor and he stepped right over her. I am so impressed at her ability to roll off a horse and maintain such a cool head about it. Mama did not!
2017-04-24 16.41.16 HDR
2017-04-25 13.24.09-1
See that?! Standing on her own
Photo Apr 26, 1 11 10 PM
Darby and Mary Mason borrowed HG’s cozy coupe and brought it back for Cressey. HG had to try it out too. Mary Chris appropriately dubbed her “sissy long legs.”
Photo Apr 26, 10 12 28 PM
Photo Apr 26, 3 29 07 PM
Despite being so busy lately, she’s now content to lay in my lap for a few minutes in the morning after her bottle. It’s a short cuddle, but it still counts!
Photo Apr 26, 7 14 36 PM
A little sister love after bathtime
Photo Apr 26, 7 55 03 AM
Because of more tummy pain, we spent some time at LeB at the end of April. Still no diagnosis, but we’ve ruled out more things.
Photo Apr 26, 9 23 08 AM
Photo Apr 26, 12 33 57 PM
Photo Apr 27, 4 43 24 PM (1)
HG has recently shared her earphones with Cressey, and it’s like a whole new world for her to hear noise coming out of them. Hysterical!
Photo Apr 27, 8 23 33 AM
The girls are ready for another trip! Mama, not so much.
Photo Apr 27, 8 44 37 AM
Happy 3rd birthday to Blue!
Photo Apr 27, 8 58 16 AM
So two weeks after her bunny birthday party, guess who decided it'd be fun to finally dress up like one?!

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