Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mother’s Day

Thanks to my very sweet husband and family, I had a very relaxing Mother’s Day weekend, complete with roses and handwritten cards and gifts from both John and HG. On Sunday morning, John let me sleep in and took the baby for a long stroll to give me a quiet house. Then, we met our parents and Bubba at Bosco’s for brunch. They had a great band playing, which Cressey loved, and as long as someone walked her around and let her check out the music, she was mostly happy. After we got home, Cressey hit the hay, and so did mama! HG (and the kitties) later joined me with her iPad (and earphones). John even brought home Swanky’s for dinner- now that’s love!

I am so thankful for all the mamas and grandmas in our lives. What great examples of unconditional love and sacrifice we are surrounded by!

2017-05-14 08.44.38
2017-05-14 11.43.16
2017-05-14 11.48.01
2017-05-14 12.18.16
2017-05-14 12.23.47
2017-05-14 12.45.15
2017-05-14 14.03.19
2017-05-14 13.18.53
2017-05-14 13.19.08
2017-05-14 16.29.30

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