Monday, May 29, 2017

CMT: 13 Months

As of May 8, 2017, Cressey is 13 months old.

April 21: First time she was upset and sought me out in public. (At Kindermusik when she was getting trampled, she’d cry, look for me, and crawl over.)

Around April 26: Standing up on her own and throwing stuff out of her bed; found the monogram hanging over her bed.

May 16: Saw two new bottom teeth on either side of the existing two middle ones. Later, when she had a fit in her bed, I could see a bottom molar on her right bottom side. I stuck my finger in there and felt a top right molar.

May 18: HG and I got our nails done, which is probably the first time Cressey has seen them painted. HG picked light blue for mine, and Cressey first tried to lick them, then tried to nibble them!

May 19: TOOK HER FIRST STEPS! GD, Spiffer, and I were standing in my bathroom with Cressey. She was standing at my closet door, and she took two steps toward my shower door while we were all watching. Such an answer to prayers that I was able to witness it! She waited a few days and took another step or two, but she still hasn’t taken off.

She will now give you a bear hug at bedtime and wants to read books and be rocked a bit. When she’s ready to get in bed, she’ll start rolling or stretching out. When I lay her in the bed, I stroke her face, rub her back, etc., and when I stop, she’ll roll over to look at me and smile so big.

She’ll stand up on her own for a long time.

She insists on walking with the help of two hands (and is very impatient as you get your hands available), even though she is very capable of walking with just one hand.

She took a week or so to transition to whole milk. We had to mix it with formula and slowly cut the formula down. I noticed that she didn’t seem as regular as normal, so we are going to try switching to 2% milk to see if that helps.

She’s terribly drawn to stairs, and she’ll hike that leg up as she tries to climb. Once, I changed her diaper, put her on the floor in the den, threw her diaper away in the garage, washed my hands, came back to where I left her, heard her fussing, and found her on the SIXTH step of the stairs!!! She was a little uncomfortable with her situation!

She babbles constantly (“oogala oogala”), although she’s not had a ton of new words other than Bluesey.

She can point to nose, eyes sometimes, and loves to show you her tongue.

She’ll put a phone up to her ear when you say ‘hello.’

When you put Germ-X on your hands, she’ll mimic you by rubbing her hands together.

She tends to sleep on her tummy most of the time now, with her bottom up in the air.

She’ll help you by putting her arms up as you put clothes on her.

Naps are kind of inconsistent these days, as I assume she’s trying to transition to one big nap. (HG’s school pick up messes up a long afternoon nap.) Usually, she’ll take a two hour nap mid morning and maybe a quick one around 3. Or sometimes, she can push through it and just go to bed around 6:30 instead of 7:30.

If you sit down near her with food, she’ll cry until you share with her. Try to avoid making eye contact if you’d like to keep your food!

She loves to dance and will start bouncing up and down the minute she hears music.

She can work the home button on an iPhone.

HG calls her “buh bee,” like John and me call each other.

She is getting even more attached to her purple bunny paci these days and will find it if you ask her where Lovey is.

She has mastered a straw sippy cup, although she would prefer a bottle.

She loves turning light switches on and off.

She will help clean up her high chair tray occasionally.

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