Sunday, March 19, 2017

CMT: Eleven Months

On March 8, 2017, Cressey turned 11 months old.

After she finishes her food and she’s ready to get out of her chair, she rubs her hands in her hair. She will also smile at you and then drop her food on the floor.

While last month, we thought that we’d lost our wonderful sleeper, she has finally gotten through that restless stage and is back to her predictable naps and nighttime sleeping. She will get up around 6:30 a.m., take a two hour nap around 9:00 and 12:00, and sometimes take a short nap at dinner, although she’s dropping that most days. She’ll go to bed around 6:30 p.m. She still doesn’t want to be held and goes to bed easily as long as she’s at home in her ZipadeeZip and has her music playing (with her purple bunny paci and door closed).

She’s stopped the open mouth baby kisses and now loves practicing her kissy noise.

She is desperately trying to walk and can cruise around a room. She will walk between two people or things with just holding on to your hand. In general, she wants nothing to do whatsoever with being on her tummy. On March 6th, John, HG, and I were all gathered around our bed after bath time and watched her crawl frontward and for several crawls across the bed. Ah!

On March 7th, HG mentioned she felt some teeth up top in C’s mouth. Later, I looked and found FOUR coming in up top. WOW! That explains some fussiness, messed up sleep patterns, and a big throw up in her bed one night (her first time). At least we knocked out four at one time!
2017-03-07 08.57.45

When you ask her, “where’s your tongue?,” she’ll stick out her tongue to you.

I’ve noticed her doing her little arm up to ask ‘where is…’ but I don’t always know what she’s talking about. She used to just do it when we asked her where a kitty was, etc., but now I’m seeing her do it on her own.

She is the life of the party at any restaurant we go to- ‘the mayor,’ waving at anyone that looks her way.

As hard it is to get HG to eat anything, Cressey is the complete opposite. She is the human garbage dumpster, eating everything you put in front of her. She doesn’t like juice and wasn’t wild about watermelon, but she LOVES carrots and blueberries.

HG is still really friendly with her and enjoys her (98% of the time)- likes to be the guardrail for her to walk along, covers her with kisses, has to be the one to wake her up in the morning, etc.

Cressey looks for John or me in the room and cries if we leave. She mostly doesn’t mind going to strangers though, as long as we are standing there.

She’s sweet to the kitties and is much more gentle with them now.

Her hair is starting to curl in the back like HG’s at this age. She’s still struggling with eczema on her cheeks and trunk.

She is constantly babbling, but she hasn’t added a ton of new, defined words. You can hear a version of Helen Grace sometimes, and I love how Cressey will whip her head around when she hears her name.

Instead of hearing how chunky she is, I’ve been hearing more about how much she has thinned out. She seems taller- I can’t wait to get her measurements next month. I’m only buying 24-month clothes for the summer.

In Chattanooga *near* her 11 month mark
2017-03-12 12.45.08 HDR-1

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