Thursday, March 16, 2017

Anniversary Getaway

We planned on celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary on a tropical island with drinks in hand, but praise the Lord, I was hugely pregnant in the spring of 2016 and the Zika virus was rampant in any nearby tropical destination. So we put off a big trip to celebrate ‘us’ and celebrated Cressey Margaret in April 2016 instead!

When John had a work trip to Dana Point, California pop up in March, I quickly jumped on the opportunity to follow him and celebrate our late anniversary with the afternoon he had free. We didn’t have much time, but we certainly made the most of it. We farmed the kids out to the grandparents, made the longest schedule/ to do list ever, pried HG off my leg (she was SO MAD that we went somewhere without her), and headed west.

I joined him in California late Wednesday night, headed to the spa on Thursday morning,  stopped in to hear him do his presentation (NAILED IT!), and then headed down to the office for lunch/ cocktail and some time with my toes in the sand. That night, I watched an amazing sunset by a fireplace on the balcony and then joined John for a work dinner, which was both thoroughly entertaining and over my head.

Friday, he had a little work to do, and then we met up for some pool time (and guacamole) and later cruised down PCH to be a tourist and find some dinner. We ended up finding a Duke’s in Huntington Beach and watching the sun set.

We headed home early Saturday morning and met for a family dinner at Newk’s. Aunt Edie and Uncle Gene were in town too, so we had a big reunion. HG almost knocked me over as I walked up to the door, and Cressey’s feet went to kicking so fast and her grin spread all across her face to show her little bottom toofas- it was all so heartwarming and adorable!

While it was a quick trip, we are thoroughly thankful for our parents giving us this gift of time alone to finish our thoughts without interruption, to have grown up conversations, to eat our food without anyone’s hands reaching on our plates, and to wake up when our body decided to (well, for me, anyway). We felt very refreshed and together in spirit.

My view on Thursday morning from the lobby
2017-03-02 11.36.06 HDR
On my way to the spa (no make up, work out clothes), I grabbed a muffin and stopped here on the balcony to have a quick bite. As I shove one in my mouth, I hear John’s voice and turn to see him parade a line of clients and coworkers over to meet me...
2017-03-02 09.32.51
You had to take a little golf cart from the resort down to the beach. As I was waiting on the cart, HG Facetimed me. I told her I was going to the pool so that she wouldn’t be jealous. We had a nice chat about school, etc., and as we are wrapping up, a resort guy walks up and loudly says, “You ready to go to the beach?” As I try to quickly hang up, HG squeals, “You’re going to the BEACH?” Mama was busted! I tried my best to enjoy lunch and a drink at the beach club, despite the scorn and guilt I felt.
2017-03-02 13.49.07
2017-03-02 13.56.48
The beach club set up a little chair and umbrella here on the beach for me, so I read magazines and strolled for shells and sea glass for the afternoon.
2017-03-02 16.00.58
As the sun started to dip, I made my way back to the resort balcony.
2017-03-02 16.55.00 HDR
And it was spectacular!
2017-03-02 17.45.44
2017-03-02 17.47.00
I quickly changed into clothes for dinner and then dragged John out of a cocktail reception for this sunset pic. One of his clients was happy to help me with this mission!
2017-03-02 18.23.23
Friday, we finally got to explore together, and we found this sunny spot by the pool.
2017-03-03 11.51.53
And then we set off down the Pacific Coast Highway and stopped in Huntington Beach around dinner time.
2017-03-03 16.59.47
Happy 10 3/4 Anniversary!
2017-03-03 18.02.28
2017-03-03 19.52.10
Headed home to scoop up our girls!!
2017-03-04 06.27.14
2017-03-04 18.11.50
HG made all kind of sweet ‘welcome home’ notes for us. I had left her some post it notes around the house for her to find, and she still won’t take them down. She is quite the sentimental girl and has now declared that we can’t go anywhere else without her. (For memory’s sake, in one of her cry fests over our leaving her, she asked me to bring her a glass gift. By sheer luck, I walked into the hotel gift shop and saw a beautiful glass butterfly, as the resort was the Monarch. She tried to guess the whole time what it could be since I told her it was an animal. She was very happy with her gift!)
2017-03-04 19.56.18

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