Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Toohig Tidbits: November

“Unhydrated” = Dehydrated

“Ig scusting” = Disgusting

HG got in trouble at school, and after a very long night of talking and crying, she learned 1. her parents love her, no matter what, 2. don’t lie to your parents, and 3. hang out with people you want to be like (smart, kind, polite, etc., not silly and rude ones).

HG and GD were watching a Star Wars trailer. GD was oohing and aahing over it, and HG looks at him and says, “GD, you know that’s on a green screen, right?”

I told her it was almost time to get dressed one morning, and she said, “Just a minute, mama. I’m kinda in the zone.”

HG to Cressey: “You are just adorable.”

We were watching a tv show, and they had superimposed a mustache on the queen. HG said, “That’s just no respect!”

A friend sent us flowers a few days before Thanksgiving, and when HG saw them, she looked at me crazily and said, “Mama, are you going to kill these by Thanksgiving?!”

When I asked her if she wanted to help me decorate the tree, she said, “No, I’m having fun playing with my sister right now.”

With all of the holiday events, we’ve used a lot of babysitters (and grandparents) lately. I asked HG which babysitter she might want, and she said, “Here’s an idea for a babysitter- YOU!!!!”

She kept falling over when she was standing next to me as I sat at the kitchen table. I jokingly asked her if she had been drinking wine. She said, “That’s what it makes you do? Then maybe that’s why you’re crazy!”

HG and I were talking about horses, and I said some of them were old and grouchy like me. Then I laughed and said mama needed to work on that. She piped up, "Make more effort, mama!"

HG was begging me to come to All Saints’ Day Mass at school. I finally acquiesced, but when I got there, I couldn’t find her with her class. Turns out she was carrying in one of the banners, representing the second grade!
2016-11-01 09.32.20
2016-11-01 09.36.53
HG loves to help Cressey “practice” her standing
2016-11-01 18.22.48
2016-11-02 07.08.53
This is precious…
2016-11-02 11.13.58
Making her list for Santa
2016-11-02 16.50.29
First time riding in her new umbrella stroller…for a shoe shopping trip for sister at Sachi, no less.
2016-11-03 15.14.53
Poor Momo always needs more lovin’
2016-11-07 06.47.07
She loves her ducky bathtub
2016-11-07 18.50.17
2016-11-07 19.22.53
Granddaddy kept the girls on Veterans’ Day while I worked for a few hours. HG wanted to go on GD’s walk too, so the three of them bundled up and went on a walk in the neighborhood.
I found this in HG’s backpack. Hilarious!
2016-11-08 08.12.46
HG and I had a bad night of math homework. She knows that I usually text the moms when I have a question about school, so she drew this for me to tell me to just ask the moms already!
2016-11-08 10.58.14
2016-11-08 18.00.44
2016-11-08 18.01.57
Rachel, Melissa, and I decided to treat ourselves to dinner on election night to try to distract ourselves. Didn’t work too well as everyone was abuzz.
2016-11-08 20.42.56
Side sleeper
2016-11-09 06.58.53
More standing practice
2016-11-09 07.17.34
She did not like her first taste of french fry.
2016-11-09 18.22.49
This crazy Blue cat cuddled up between HG and me in about three inches worth of space. This never happens!
2016-11-10 03.41.16
And then I had to get up to put the paci back in C’s mouth (while John was out of town), and when I returned, I had lost my spot!
2016-11-10 04.23.55
Joy ridin’
2016-11-10 16.40.23
The girls’ first invite addressed to both of them! (For Darby’s third birthday party)
2016-11-10 17.59.05
C always wants whatever HG is eating.
2016-11-12 08.37.24
2016-11-12 08.58.38
I went out to Nesbit to see Brandy’s new house.
2016-11-12 16.44.44
2016-11-12 17.47.25
2016-11-12 23.14.19
C was teething and in a terrible mood. John and I had plans to go to dinner and let Christy babysit, but I was terrified that C would act a fool with her. So we decided to let Christy take HG to see “Trolls,” and they had the best date night!
2016-11-12 23.24.44
Family night shenanigans at McAlister’s
2016-11-13 17.47.41
Sister bath time is a lot of fun these days.
2016-11-13 18.31.43
Such an odd cat to love water so much
2016-11-13 18.53.35
She felt so crummy that she wouldn’t sleep unless I was holding her. That was so out of her nature that I took her to the doctor the next day.
2016-11-14 07.38.48
And she made a liar out of me. Nothing was wrong with her. She weighed 24 lbs.
2016-11-14 11.14.17
GD kept her one day while I worked, and I got this pic of her waking up from a nap!
2016-11-14 16.45.02
I sent John a pic of this with “Wish you were here!” Notice the green splotches on the bottom of the exersaucer…
2016-11-14 17.42.27
A neighbor’s cat caused quite the stir.
2016-11-15 12.35.53
2016-11-15 17.57.08
I hosted book club for SAA-SDS moms. The hostess with the mostess enjoyed writing names on glasses with our new glass markers.
2016-11-15 21.17.58
2016-11-15 21.18.30
I found this one in her bag too. She said she just came up with it on her own.
2016-11-15 22.24.09
Thursday catfish with Bubba (This is a great motivator for HG- if she aces all her spelling words and knows her reading story for her tests on Friday, we can go down to Byhalia for dinner on Thursday night. She LO VES it.)
Our friend and realtor, Shannan, brought us lunch one day in exchange for a Cressey snuggle.
2016-11-16 12.43.22
2016-11-16 14.53.12
She is always holding up her arms for me to pick her up. I love it!
2016-11-16 14.53.45
Just make yourself comfortable. Poor kitty.
2016-11-18 07.10.18-1
Sister fun
2016-11-20 18.09.19
HG loves waking up Cress in the mornings.
2016-11-21 06.59.03
2016-11-21 07.05.47
It was FREEZING on the Monday before Thanksgiving. First morning with a real coat, and the leaves are out of control!
2016-11-21 07.31.51
Carpool selfie
2016-11-21 14.49.14-1
2016-11-21 19.15.29
Cress woke up one night screaming bloody murder when she got stuck on her tummy. She has become a side sleeper, so it’s not hard to lean just a liiiitle bit too far.
2016-11-22 05.46.21
She is super attached to her purple bunny paci and will always choose it first (HG gave it to her the first time they met), but she likes to have both of these in bed with her. You can watch her juggle them at points during the night.
2016-11-22 22.49.52
Cressey is ever moving and reminds me of one of those jumping Christmas ornaments.
2016-11-21 16.40.31

Can you see those TWO TEETH popping up?!
2016-11-25 10.35.37-2
Visiting with William at Bubba’s before he goes home at the end of Thanksgiving break
2016-11-25 12.30.40
Addie’s first Grizzlies game
2016-11-25 19.02.05
2016-11-26 08.53.30
2016-11-26 11.06.00
Playing with Ryan at the Browns’
2016-11-26 17.07.29
This is quite the foursome.
2016-11-26 17.08.17

She gets better by the day with getting her food pinched and to her mouth. She would much rather have food that she can feed herself than something she has to eat with a spoon- Cheerios, carrots, apples, bananas, etc.
2016-11-27 09.07.23
Enjoying a fall-ish Sunday afternoon walk
2016-11-27 15.28.35 HDR
2016-11-27 18.45.35
2016-11-28 08.41.03
2016-11-28 15.46.57
Grandma was over one day when Cressey woke up, so she, John, and HG went running for her bed. Grandma won, then HG, then Daddy. Cressey was pretty excited, then overwhelmed!
2016-11-28 18.08.48
2016-11-28 18.08.55
Bedtime stories
2016-11-29 19.16.40
2016-11-29 19.29.41

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