Monday, December 5, 2016


We hosted Thanksgiving at our house for the Moores (just missing my cousin Amy and her crew) and Toohigs (and Mere’s boyfriend, as well). Since this was our first big gathering at our new house, we enjoyed figuring out how the party flow worked and were happy with how it turned out. As always, Helen Grace was a fabulous hostess, and she followed my one example place setting and set the entire rest of the tables. (I have so many memories of setting the table with my GG, so it makes me so happy to see HG enjoying it as well!) She was also stuck on writing on wine glasses again, and she helped Spiffer make the turkey cheese ball.
Cressey slept through the first two hours of the party until John and Spiffer snuck up to her room where they claimed she was “wide awake!” Regardless, we were all excited to welcome her to the party. She and Mary Mason played happily in the middle of the den floor while the grown ups circled around them, watching football, ooohing and aahing over Darby’s costume changes, and watching William and Ryves play horsey throughout the house with crowns on their heads (as requested by Darby and HG). It’s not a Moore party until one of them runs through the room with a girl screaming behind them!
Getting the place party ready. We used both our wedding china and my Goodmama’s china. We had 15 adults, 2 big girls, and 2 baby girls.
2016-11-24 07.55.55
And Blue.
2016-11-24 08.58.31
Getting ready in mama's closet, a very poplar spot for shenanigans

Mere finally got to meet Cressey!
2016-11-24 12.19.02
2016-11-24 12.21.41
2016-11-24 12.33.51
Darby and HG immediately fell back into their routine of trying on every costume in HG’s playroom closet.
2016-11-24 13.31.53
Here’s Darby dressed like a “celebrity,” signing autographs.
2016-11-24 15.21.25
The kids’ kids table
The kids actually got to sit in the dining room this year! Our parents sat in the kitchen.
And William found his way to the kids’ table where he feels the most comfortable…
Mary Mason couldn’t resist giving Cressey a kiss, and Cress was NOT sure what to think about it.
Bubba, her three boys, and their kids and grandkids
2016-11-24 15.32.43-2
2016-11-24 16.33.39
Almost a fabulous family pic…three out of four with real smiles isn’t terrible, right?
2016-11-24 16.38.49-2
William doing what he does best- driving the girls CRAZY. He and Ryves wore crowns and played horsey most of the last half of the party. They are great sports.
2016-11-24 16.44.35
The sugar rush is starting to crash.
2016-11-24 17.47.32
2016-11-24 17.59.57
HG made these ‘coupons’ for everyone to draw for prizes.
2016-11-23 07.49.10
2016-11-26 08.16.55

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