Saturday, December 24, 2016

Moore Cousins Take the Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest, December 1987 (William, Amy, Sha, and Ryves)

2016-12-21 14.42.20

As a child, I have very fond memories of going to the Enchanted Forest (then at Goldsmith’s, now at the Pink Palace), especially in festive matching outfits with my Moore cousins. Since all of Bubba’s great grandchildren live in Memphis now, Amy, Mary Chris, and I got together on December 21st to take the next generation to the Enchanted Forest. Afterward, Bubba was at our house to bake Christmas cookies with the big girls. What fun and festive day we had!

2016-12-21 10.33.44

2016-12-21 10.34.56

Waiting in line, Darby and Selena Kate literally ran circles around HG and Cressey.

2016-12-21 11.25.18

May May saying hi to her buddy.

2016-12-21 11.33.39

2016-12-21 11.33.43

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When I was a kid, I was caught by the local news putting my finger out to touch an axe that a beaver was swinging in the exhibit. (It was a fake axe and moving at a snail’s pace.) My dad showed the video clip to HG before we went, and sure enough, she found the same little beaver. I wanted a pic of the girls in front of it, but Cressey did not like that idea.

2016-12-21 11.46.21

2016-12-21 00.34.49

2016-12-21 00.40.53

Darby ended up using Cressey’s stroller more than the baby.

2016-12-21 00.44.35

2016-12-21 00.45.43

2016-12-21 00.47.19

Mary Mason does NOT like Santa, so when she started crying, she set off Archer and Cressey. We caused quite the scene!

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2016-12-21 12.10.30

2016-12-21 13.44.37

2016-12-21 13.49.05

2016-12-21 13.54.15

2016-12-21 14.09.04

Later, HG and Spiffer made snowmen.

2016-12-21 15.20.39

2016-12-21 15.23.02

Cressey woke up from her nap and wanted to help HG unwrap candy SO BADLY!

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Some other ‘Bubba cookie sessions’ from years past…





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