Friday, December 23, 2016

HGT’s Christmas Program: Angel Year

The SAA second grade girls have dressed up as angels in the Christmas program for at least the last 25 years. HG and her classmates have been looking forward to this day since the moment years ago when they saw the big girls processing down the aisles in their winged, sparkly beauty. HG’s day finally came on Dec. 14th, and it did not disappoint. Granddaddy had to stay home with Cressey, but the rest of us were there cheering her on. Here are her thoughts on her big performance…
I look pretty in the angel costume. The class sang very pretty in the show. The halo was very pretty. I like the two part harmony. Yay! My hair was very wavy that day! It is fun. The wings were made with cardboard and feathers. We sang See the baby sleeping in the manger.
I got up extra early that day to make sure that I got myself showered and had time to do HG’s hair, all before the baby woke up. And what do you know? The baby woke up early! So we made her a pallet in my bathroom, and she was entertained watching her big sister. Once HG’s curls were done, she thought it was only fair to fix Cressey’s hair too. Not sure Cress was on board with that idea though…
2016-12-14 07.02.24
2016-12-14 12.36.09
2016-12-14 12.36.13
2016-12-14 12.43.08
2016-12-14 14.36.28
2016-12-14 14.37.01

2016-12-14 13.17.19

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