Thursday, December 15, 2016

First Penance

On Saturday, December 10th, HG celebrated her second sacrament of the Catholic church with her first penance (confession) at St. Louis. (The first was her baptism as an infant; the next one will be her first communion in May.)

She attended a retreat at St. Louis in November where they showed them the confessionals, walked them through the process, and practiced the prayers, so she wasn’t nervous at all. She said she was going to go with ‘not being nice to her sister’ as her confession.

The children all processed in with their candles and then were allowed to sit with their families. We had a short prayer service, and then the kids lined up for the priest they wanted to see. HG chose a priest who often does mass at St. Agnes, but the line was really long. After it seemed like she hadn’t moved a bit, John realized she and a friend were letting everyone go in front of her because the other girl was scared! After waiting all that time (and with only four or five people left in front of her), one of the leaders was able to talk her into going to another priest with a short line. She said she didn’t have to confess anything specific,  but he just went over the prayers with her, gave her a high five, and told her to go say a prayer for her family. She basically skipped out of there and happily lit her candle (that she decorated) and then kneeled for her prayers.

We are so proud of the little lady that she is becoming.

Wearing my childhood pearl necklace




Most of the SAA girls (Evie, Olivia, Bella Marie, Lilah, Annabella, HG, and Sara- and also Emerson who was with them in JK)


Cressey behaved pretty well, but we did spend a good bit of time hanging out in the back of the church.





Waiting, waiting, waiting









This is the part where HG gets generally annoyed that her friends drop everything and fall over her sister and wants me to make the baby disappear…


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