Wednesday, December 21, 2016

CMT: Eight Months

Cressey turned eight months old on December 8, 2016.

She has started noticing me in the car mirror on the back of her seat, and she’ll smile back at me while I’m driving.

2016-12-06 07.51.42

HUGE Mickey fan. She stops whatever she’s doing and breaks into a huge smile when he comes on tv.

She has started waving with her hand facing back at her. Adorable.

Her two front teeth on the bottom are visible when she smiles really big at you.

2016-11-25 10.35.37-2

Still three naps a day and sleeping 12 hours a night in her Zipadee-Zip.

Mostly goes to anyone happily. Scared of loud noises and other babies crying.

Still seems to be leaning in for a rare kiss occasionally.

She is rocking eating solid foods with her pinchers. Bananas, cheerios, carrots, cucumbers, bagels, pizza crust, soft apples, potatoes, soup, etc.

First mole has popped up just above her left knee.

We think her first word is “hey.” She has said it when I picked her up out of bed and when she sees people from time to time.

While she seems to be thinning out a bit (getting longer maybe?), she is still busting out of 18 month onesies. She’s much more comfortable in 24 mo casual clothes. She can still wear her sister’s old smocked dresses in the appropriate sizes though (although the top button might not comfortably button…). John had her shopping with him at Kroger, and this lady came up to them and said, “Whew wee, Beyonce would be jealous of those thighs!!!”

She does not like the ‘mama hold’ anymore. To comfort her, she’d prefer to lay up on your shoulder and be bounced. Wants to lay flat in her bed to sleep, which is wonderful…if you’re at home…

She grabs at the hair just over/ behind her ear and seems to wrap her fingers around her imaginary hair.

She knows her name well and will respond when you call her.

She can hold a sippy cup or bottle but hasn’t figured out that she has to turn it up to get any milk out of it.

Majorly attached to her purple bunny paci that HG gave her in the hospital. That’s the only thing so far that she can’t live without.

She is drooling copiously and constantly. Epic drool.

If she’s sitting on the floor, she reaches for anyone that comes within a ten foot radius of her. She wants to be carried around on your hip at all times.

Wearing her sissy’s Christmas dress

2016-12-14 09.49.552016-12-14 09.50.212016-12-14 09.50.39

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