Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Toohig Tidbits: Late September

In the morning, HG loves to be the one to wake up Cressey first, and as we walk downstairs, she likes to hold Cressey’s hand.

When we were trying to pick fabric for the curtains in her room, HG had a friend over to play. I asked HG in front of her friend which of two fabrics she liked. She turned to her friend and asked her opinion. Her friend picked one, but HG politely and comfortably said she liked the other one.

“The more the merrier!”

We accidentally left Lovey (and blanket) at home for the first time on our trip to Jackson on August 4th. She was NOT happy (both when we realized it and at bedtime) but managed to make due with a little toy from a happy meal that Spiffer had in her car (thank you, Jesus).

She got an American Girl Doll magazine in the mail, and as she excitedly flipped through it, she said, “I can’t stop shopping!”

“When I was a child, I didn’t like naps, but now I’m dying for one! Those little kids don’t know how awesome they have it.”

When we flew on a plane recently, she wanted to wear her uniform. “I want to make my school proud and get more people to go there.”

She and Grandma got a new fish that was red (orange) and white. She wanted to name it Betsy Ross, which made me a happy and proud mama. She does soak up these bits of history we share with her on our travels!

When asked what she likes and not likes about being a big sister, she said she liked giving her kisses and didn’t like smelly diapers. Well said, kiddo!

2016-09-16 07.00.31

2016-09-16 07.00.43

2016-09-16 15.03.35

Here is the Follow the Leader artwork proudly hung in its new home

2016-09-20 17.41.52

2016-09-20 17.42.36

2016-09-21 19.02.33

The DG national president gave this bib to HG when she was a baby, and now Cressey gets her turn.

2016-09-22 10.17.52

2016-09-23 10.00.56

2016-09-23 10.01.35

Dumb. Cat.

2016-09-23 15.49.57

Sometimes big sister thinks it’s funny to climb in bed with little sister.

2016-09-23 17.44.30-1

Halloween preview

2016-09-24 14.08.17-1

The kitties are settling in and trying out new spots.

2016-09-24 14.22.00

“I was worth the wait”

2016-09-24 19.05.53-1

2016-09-25 10.48.43

2016-09-25 13.04.32

2016-09-25 13.04.51

Mornings are rough.

2016-09-26 07.09.24

Lunch with Rowan

2016-09-26 12.24.26

2016-09-26 12.24.43

And lunch with Bubba, showing off her rolling skills (albeit not happily/willingly)

2016-09-27 13.01.38

2016-09-27 13.23.59

SAA Parents’ Night…Mrs. Barker had a slideshow that included some pics from bring-your-teddy-to-school day when they read Corduroy

2016-09-27 17.49.50

2016-09-27 17.50.12

2016-09-27 17.51.02

They received last year’s yearbook and friends were able to sign them.

2016-09-27 17.51.38

Poor baby never gets any attention.

2016-09-27 17.51.48

2016-09-27 17.52.09

2016-09-27 17.54.55

2016-09-27 17.57.47

2016-09-27 17.58.00

2016-09-27 20.32.01

Hands off Mama’s wine, girl…

2016-09-28 18.48.11

2016-09-30 18.39.39-1

2016-09-30 19.22.06-1

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