Thursday, November 3, 2016

Toohig Tidbits: Late October

Sometimes the only way to get a pic of big sis is to say you are going to take a pic of little sis to send to grandparents.
2016-10-17 07.27.57
This little princess often pops her little wrist out as she is being carried around. So cute!
2016-10-17 13.02.18
When we stopped by the nursery to pick up pumpkins, we found a litter of KITTENS!!!!
2016-10-17 15.39.22
HG had her second fall off a horse (Flurry) on October 3rd when Ms. Susan was teaching. He turned to go back to the gate as he was approaching a canter, and HG just bounced and slid off. I screamed, but she rolled well and hopped back up. She didn’t fuss a bit about getting back on, and afterward, she wanted to clean up her fingernail that had a teeny bit of blood. After she did that, she immediately wanted to go to the car where she fell apart for a minute. She soon calmed down and only mentioned it when she needed a little extra tv time, books at night, etc. When we saw Ms. Jody the next week, she made sure to make a big deal about HG’s courage and gave her a brown ribbon. HG graciously shared it with Cressey, who promptly put it in her mouth.
2016-10-17 16.41.54
Wearing big sister’s anchor outfit
2016-10-18 11.05.35-1
Her first time in the top seat of a grocery cart (I think). She loved it, and it took us probably an hour to get through Target with all the people stopping us to pinch her cheeks and her flirting with them.
2016-10-18 11.28.46
Fall-ified porch (HG and I have different opinions on where these pumpkins should go, so we keep rearranging behind each other’s backs.)
2016-10-18 13.42.15
One of our neighbors ‘boo-ed’ us (they left us a Halloween treat on our doorstep), so we passed along the random act of kindness. HG and I put together a bucket of festive stuff, and she picked a house and ran up to leave it on the porch.
2016-10-18 15.40.58
Like her sister, she loves this bucket of noisy toys. I think she probably likes to pull stuff out of it more than actually play with the stuff inside it.
2016-10-18 16.59.00
2016-10-18 17.06.33
HG saw this pumpkin design using painter’s tape, so we had to give it a try.
2016-10-19 07.23.44
“Look at me!!”
2016-10-19 18.18.59
First time in pants, socks, and a fleece. She was not too sure about it.
2016-10-21 11.41.52 HDR
A little milky in carpool line
2016-10-21 14.43.15-1
This weird cat (Momo)
2016-10-22 07.52.13
And this one too (Blue)
2016-10-22 10.16.52
First time in mass at St. Louis. She was soon back in the cry room with Daddy while her sister played with all of her SAA friends.
2016-10-22 16.47.43
Grown up Halloween party at the Garibaldis
2016-10-22 19.40.24
Ole Miss land shark and bag man (Our costumes didn’t help us beat LSU that night. Booo.)
2016-10-22 20.08.28
2016-10-23 10.37.59
This post seems to be heavy strange cat activity.
2016-10-23 12.25.12
2016-10-23 13.38.42
Kroger-ing with Daddy. He was obviously a chick magnet.
2016-10-23 15.56.35
More carpool selfies
2016-10-24 14.47.02-1
Wearing sister’s pumpkin dress
2016-10-25 10.42.16
Even the Zipadee-Zip is getting a little snug these days, but she sleeps well so we aren’t messing with it!
2016-10-26 09.51.57
Getting ready to go to the nursery for the first time at moms’ group at Hope Pres. She and I went to one regular meeting after the kick off, and she slept for a hot minute and then was awake and wanted to do everything but sit there and be still. I eventually had to leave early. Not fun. So it was time to try the nursery.
2016-10-26 10.15.04
We’ve *finally* arrived and are ready! After we dropped HG off at school, I put her down for a nap and tried to wake her up a little early three times. She yelled at me every time and rolled back over. I finally got her to wake up at 10, gave her a quick bottle, changed her diaper, and ran out the door. As we walked into the nursery around 10:30 (an hour late), a baby was crying, and her lip started quivering and then she started bawling. I was able to calm her down though, and she easily went to the ladies in the baby room. We sat her down on the floor, she got to playing, and I snuck out the door. When I came back an hour later, she was LOSING IT. Apparently, another baby got upset, which made her upset. And she was so tired, and the lady was holding her tight. Recipe for disaster. I was surprisingly calm (not like I was with HG), scooped her up, held her to me all the way to the car, and she eventually calmed down and lost the blotchiness. She was soon snoozing in the backseat- a much needed rest!
2016-10-26 10.35.09
2016-10-26 10.39.13
2016-10-26 13.37.47
HG’s most recent masterpiece
2016-10-26 18.26.29
A pre-bed time Daddy snuggle
2016-10-26 19.26.00
And a pre-school snuggle with sister
2016-10-27 07.10.03-1
Seafood Junction with Bubba on a Thursday night because HG was out of school for parent-teacher conferences on Friday the 28th
2016-10-27 17.58.30
2016-10-27 18.08.42
2016-10-27 18.54.21
And the FIRST TIME HG attempted to change a diaper!!!!
2016-10-27 19.34.42-2
Bedtime story
2016-10-27 19.45.12-1
2016-10-27 19.50.55
Sometimes Cressey freaks out while I’m putting HG to bed, and sometimes she just needs her mama. So John sat with HG while I ran to C’s room. I came back to find Momo and HG snoozing and John giving me a smirk.
2016-10-27 20.34.25
Rachel spent the day with us on that Friday.
2016-10-28 10.23.38
2016-10-28 15.45.43
And that night, we met some of her buddies up at school to see SAA’s production of High School Musical. It was so cute, and the girls were just wild about all the big kids.
2016-10-28 18.40.16
2016-10-28 20.25.55
2016-10-28 20.26.55
2016-10-28 20.29.46
2016-10-28 20.29.58
With TROY!!!!!
2016-10-28 20.35.18
And she soon collapsed into Mama’s bed with Blue
2016-10-29 00.30.11
Early morning sister convos. This has become C’s spot. She can see all her people in the den and kitchen, watch the tv, and play with all of her noisy toys.
2016-10-29 08.08.56
She scoots up her bed while she sleeps, and since she was snuggling her face up to the cushion, I felt like I needed to take it out. But now she can watch the door from this spot. I have to put her down for a nap at the very bottom of the bed, but she will ALWAYS be up at the top watching for me when I go in to get her up. She has started even sleeping on her side in this position from time to time. Much more wiggly in her bed- and changing table- these days!
2016-10-29 15.35.30-1
No matter how big she gets, she still likes to hold my finger while she has her milky.
2016-10-29 15.43.56
Nibbling on her first piece of bread crust
2016-10-29 19.28.41
While I went to a baby shower on a Sunday afternoon, John and Cressey went down to OB to pick up HG from Grandma’s and met for a family dinner.
2016-10-30 11.16.42
And while I was at the shower, I got this picture from John. She was pretty ready to carve that pumpkin!
2016-10-30 12.43.15
Luckily, they waited for me! Some things never change. She was super interested in helping but wouldn’t touch the guts with a ten-foot pole.
2016-10-30 13.53.10
2016-10-30 13.53.15
2016-10-30 14.19.36

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