Friday, November 11, 2016

Halloween 2016: Matching Pink Kitties

Even while Cressey was still in utero, Helen Grace was noodling on Halloween costume ideas for her and Cressey. She has since gone through several renditions, but a few weeks ago, she saw a pink kitty costume online that she fell in love with. (She initially was drawn to a glittery tutu that came with it, but then cast it aside because it was too itchy. Personally, I was thrilled that my house was saved that glitter tornado!) Then, I was able to track down the baby version that matched it. A win for the Toohig girls! (For the record, Cressey balked a little at my attempts to put on her kitty cat hood, but when I really made an effort to put it on her on Halloween, she didn’t fuss at all once it was on and secured.)

Halloween fell on a Monday this year, and it was upon us before we knew it. Where did October go???? We decided to squeeze in Zoo Boo on the Sunday night before Halloween. It was PACKED and a little on the warm side (I told you I could predict the weather by the warmth of the costumes we pick out), so we zoomed through the highlights in about an hour and a half. Grandma and the Browns came with us for their first Zoo Boo experiences! Cressey and Ryan got too hot and then hungry about halfway through, so Emily and I stripped them down and gave them a bottle while the big kids forged ahead. Around 7:00 though, Cressey was just MAD to be out on the town at that late hour, so after some tough negotiations, I finally jiggled her enough that she fell asleep in my arms. She woke up as we neared the car, but overall, she did alright for her first Zoo Boo!

On Monday, Halloween, HG was insistent that Cressey come to school for her party in the afternoon. It was right during nap time, but between all the girls fawning all over her and Mrs. Barker and other parents carrying her around, she enjoyed it. The big girls played Halloween pictionary, painted 901 rocks, and enjoyed a cupcake.

We ran home after school for a quick nap for Cressey, to make some treats for the Garibaldis’ party that night (mummy hotdogs and corn dip), and to get costumes ready. Granddaddy joined us to help with candy duty since Spiffer was out of town taking care of my uncle. By 4:45, HG was dressed and sitting on the porch, waiting for trick or treaters. Our neighbors with two little boys stopped by to trick or treat, and then we walked down the street to see some other friends. HG trick or treated in that cove, and then we were ready to head to the Garibaldis for trick or treating with her school buddies. The kiddos played at their house for a little bit, and then the huge pack of us set off to trick or treat in their neighborhood. We made it up and down one street before Cressey started to unravel. Around 7:00 when we told HG that it might be time to leave, we expected a fight, but she was just fine to go home, take a bath, get in bed, and eat some candy with her milk. Done!

We dressed the baby in the back of the car in the zoo parking lot.

2016-10-30 18.06.17

2016-10-30 18.06.23

Ready to tackle the zoo

2016-10-30 18.15.56


2016-10-30 18.19.50

2016-10-30 18.37.05




HG loves the fortune teller

2016-10-30 19.22.07




2016-10-30 19.41.51-1

Our finished ‘ghost’ pumpkin

2016-10-31 08.17.45

On Halloween afternoon, Cressey woke up happily from her nap to go to sister’s school party.

2016-10-31 09.57.46

Cress causes quite a stir at SAA.

2016-10-31 13.50.35

2016-10-31 13.54.34-1

2016-10-31 14.12.17

Mrs. Barker carried her around for at least half the party.

2016-10-31 14.18.19

2016-10-31 01.53.26

2016-10-31 01.58.37

2016-10-31 02.10.38

Waiting on trick or treaters

2016-10-31 16.43.13

Mummy hotdogs

2016-10-31 16.51.22

Blue was ready too.

2016-10-31 16.54.03

2016-10-31 17.20.40

2016-10-31 17.21.09-1

“But Mamaaaaa, I *caught* her!”P1090317

2016-10-31 17.22.28

2016-10-31 17.23.28-1-1

Stick a fork in her- she’s D-O-N-E!

2016-10-31 20.54.46

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