Friday, October 21, 2016

Fall Break 2016: Planes, Sand & Stomach Bugs

Helen Grace had Fall Break from October 7-12 (Friday through Wednesday), and we planned on going back to Alys Beach and taking Cressey on her first plane ride. Spiffer and Granddaddy came along too, but we were sad that Grandma’s annual Aruba trip fell on the exact same week.

Thursday morning as I got HG ready for school, I started to feel a little weird/ queasy. Throughout the day, I felt progressively worse until I called John at work around 2:00 and asked him to get home quick. (The Hines had to bring HG home from school.) The stomach bug had hit at the worst possible time. With the help of some good meds, I passed out on the couch and woke up in time to pack a little late that night. (Thank goodness I had packed the majority of our stuff the night before.) I pulled myself out of the bed early Friday morning and somehow managed to catch our 8 a.m. flight. (I found every chair between the curb and the plane. I still felt like death.)

Cressey did pretty well on the flights. We connected in Atlanta and had a very quick connection (had to carry her because no time to open up stroller). She slept through the second half of her first leg from MEM to ATL and even through the landing. She squawked a bit at times, but overall, she cried very little because of the pressure and more because she was off her normal nap schedule. And we didn’t have to change a diaper on the plane! (Only one blowout in transit, and that was just after we arrived at the Panama City airport on our way home. WHEW!)

Unfortunately, I shared our germs with the rest of the family. HG came down with the bug by Saturday, and then Spiffer and GD had it by late Sunday. Somehow, by the grace of God, John and Cressey were spared.

Cressey wasn’t a big fan of the beach. She didn’t like the cold water but didn’t seem to mind the sand. We really only had two and a half beach days, and she napped decently there the first full day but was never happy the second full day. (The flies were SO BAD on the first attempt that we took pics, sat/played/ freaked out over a forgotten paci, and then we headed home after an hour or two.) We made friends with a family from Chicago, and they also had a seven year old little girl who HG was thrilled to befriend. They were so very nice to put up with a baby screaming on and off all afternoon our last day! I was so sad that she wasn’t a beach girl like her mama. She took great naps at the house, but she never slept terribly well at night. Maybe because she was always in the room with one of us? She also spun around 90 degrees in her sleep in the pack and play. We were never so glad to get her home to her own bed and room!

Despite the germs and limited beach time (and a few terribly rude travelers on the way home), we still were able to enjoy some fun family time. Cressey generally seems like a good traveler like her big sis, albeit not an excited beach goer for now. We’ll try again next year and see how she does.

When I woke up from my stupor on the Friday morning that we left, I found HG asleep on the floor next to my bed. She wanted to sleep with me, but John wouldn’t let her share the bed to try to keep her away from the germs, so she slept in a sleeping bag on the wood floor to be close to me. Tears!
2016-10-07 04.56.41
An early morning baba before we hit the road
2016-10-07 05.31.12
Ready to go!
2016-10-07 06.25.35
2016-10-07 06.56.10
Here goes nothing!
2016-10-07 07.26.48-1
HG insisted that Cressey sit next to her when we weren’t taking off or landing.
2016-10-07 07.30.55
2016-10-07 07.35.00
2016-10-07 07.36.55
Thank you, Jesus!
2016-10-07 08.16.05
All was good until Cress started touching the iPad.
2016-10-07 08.35.40
2016-10-07 09.09.43
2016-10-07 10.45.24
This house had a bunk room, and HG thought she had died and gone to heaven.
2016-10-07 12.17.03
2016-10-07 12.18.01
2016-10-07 12.37.29
Before my parents arrived with the pack and play, baby girl had to pass out in the laundry room.
2016-10-07 14.11.53
First time at the beach
2016-10-07 16.40.27
2016-10-07 16.42.08
It was too cold for baby’s toes!
2016-10-07 16.42.30
2016-10-07 16.43.34
2016-10-07 16.45.20
2016-10-07 16.45.27-1
2016-10-07 16.45.37
2016-10-07 16.45.57
2016-10-07 16.47.25 HDR
2016-10-07 16.47.26-1
See that pink jellyfish?! They were really bad this year. HG couldn’t see this one with the glare on the water, so she took off running toward it and we all started screaming at the top of our lungs. I think we might have scarred her for life, but she will now be much more careful in the ocean!
Dinner at George’s
2016-10-07 18.19.50
2016-10-07 17.10.25
Cressey couldn’t hang
2016-10-07 17.48.37
2016-10-07 17.49.09
2016-10-07 19.05.08
We started Saturday morning with donut’s from Charlie’s.
2016-10-08 06.42.23
2016-10-08 06.46.50
2016-10-08 08.01.16
2016-10-08 08.01.31
2016-10-08 09.19.39
2016-10-08 09.19.45
Cressey’s SIX MONTH birthday
2016-10-08 09.26.12
2016-10-08 09.33.02
2016-10-08 09.38.21 HDR
2016-10-08 09.38.43
2016-10-08 09.42.06 HDR
2016-10-08 09.51.19
HG didn’t feel like going to the pool with daddy, and we soon figured out why. Boooooo.
2016-10-08 16.41.12-1
Monday was a little better.
2016-10-09 06.57.35
We biked over to Rosemary to see a puppy dog festival. HG was in heaven.
2016-10-09 14.09.15
2016-10-09 14.38.41
And then HG was up for the pool with mama and daddy.
2016-10-09 15.18.08
2016-10-09 15.39.52
We biked/drove down to La Cocina Sunday night, and there was a beautiful sunset on the way home. And then Spiffer and GD went down sick…
2016-10-09 20.11.32
2016-10-09 18.39.16
We ventured down to Seaside to have lunch at Bud and Alley's.
2016-10-10 07.49.21
2016-10-10 08.52.11
Trying to be quiet in the early morning hours while the rest of the crew sleeps off the stomach bug
2016-10-10 09.20.14
Waiting for lunch at George’s
2016-10-10 12.04.57-1
First time HG asked for her and C to sit side by side across from us and first time we were given two children’s menus
2016-10-10 12.33.37
Back to the beach to make Mama happy
2016-10-10 13.28.33
2016-10-10 16.33.09
2016-10-10 13.34.19-1
2016-10-10 13.58.42
2016-10-10 14.08.57
Cressey slept a lot on the beach this day
2016-10-10 14.19.18 HDR
2016-10-10 14.21.18
And HG found some cool shells and played in the waves with her daddy and Elise
2016-10-10 14.22.55
2016-10-10 14.31.21
2016-10-10 14.47.31-1
2016-10-10 15.33.05
2016-10-10 15.37.01
2016-10-10 15.37.14-1
2016-10-10 15.38.57
2016-10-10 15.39.11
2016-10-10 15.40.09
2016-10-10 15.42.24
Ok, time to go! She’s done!
2016-10-10 15.44.21-1
John, HG, Cressey, and I drove down to Rosemary on Monday night to eat at La Crema. Before dinner, we walked around Alys to take some pics (see next blog) and didn’t leave for dinner until 6:45. I was a nervous wreck being out with Cressey this late, but she chilled in the stroller while we waited for dinner and saw this beautiful sunset, and then she magically fell asleep while we ate dinner and enjoyed the best chocolate fondue. It was a Christmas miracle! John and I enjoyed some good quality time with HG while we inhaled the sweet tapas and desserts too.
2016-10-10 18.55.39
2016-10-10 19.32.25
This kid must have gotten dizzy from all the spinning in her sleep she did!
Another day at the beach on Tuesday. She was not feeling it this day.
2016-10-11 12.32.22 HDR-1
2016-10-11 12.52.31
2016-10-11 13.13.09
2016-10-11 13.17.32
2016-10-11 13.29.46-1
2016-10-11 13.39.10
Ok, ok, Cress, we can go back. Sad face.
2016-10-11 13.41.41 HDR-2
Last look at the beautiful ocean for Fall Break 2016.
2016-10-11 13.52.49
2016-10-11 13.52.58
HG was giving this beach day a thumbs down.
2016-10-11 14.09.49-1
And now Cress starts smiling. Of course!
2016-10-11 14.09.54
Biking to dinner at George’s
2016-10-11 16.58.20
2016-10-11 17.18.41
2016-10-11 17.28.07
2016-10-11 17.28.13
Look at those sweet sister smiles!
2016-10-11 17.52.57
HG is big into Baby Alive right now (that she’s named Lulu), and she made this note that she put inside her ‘lunchbox.’
2016-10-11 19.37.26
We flew home out of the Panama City airport on Wednesday morning, and Cressey fell asleep about 10 mins away from the airport.
2016-10-12 10.04.35
Post-blow out
2016-10-12 10.41.50
2016-10-12 11.52.07
2016-10-12 11.58.48
2016-10-12 14.06.29
She flirted with the people behind us the entire flight home.
2016-10-12 15.44.04

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