Friday, October 28, 2016

Fall Horse Show

Helen Grace rode in the Aintree fall horse show on October 1st. It was the perfect fall morning, and all her grandparents were able to come cheer her on. We all enjoyed playing around with the horses, especially Cressey. She had a fit to touch any that she spotted. Helen Grace rode Jake and tied for first place in Under Saddle, tied for third place in Equitation, and won a Reserve Champion ribbon. Afterward, we celebrated with lunch at Holiday Ham.

The morning started with a pic in this same pose at home, and C promptly threw up all over HG’s new show shirt. Surprisingly, HG was calm, and we were able to get it all off her shirt. Whew! We recreated another pic at the barn. This time, no puke!
2016-10-01 09.27.59-1
2016-10-01 10.00.13-1
2016-10-01 10.03.41
2016-10-01 10.05.40
2016-10-01 10.07.45-1
When HG is riding, Cressey won’t take her eyes off of her.
2016-10-01 10.27.11
2016-10-01 10.49.18
2016-10-01 12.24.32-1

This is a video of HG riding at her lesson on October 17th. She's gotten taller, stronger, and more able to control her horse, so she's moved off the ponies and onto bigger horses. I think that level of responsibility makes her feel more confident because she really sits up straight, has a tough attitude, and wants to do more jumps, etc., except still no interest in cantering!

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