Sunday, October 2, 2016

D.C.: Part Two

Another one of our highlights of our trip was a tour of the Capitol that we arranged through our Congressman. It was a terribly rainy day, and in the hubbub to get to the congressman’s office all spiffed up and on time, I totally forgot to grab our rain jackets. Our cabby overheard us talking about how wet we were going to be, and the sweet man gave us an umbrella that had been left behind in his car. See, there are nice people left in this world! After seeing our congressman’s office, we were able to walk over to the Capitol through an underground tunnel, and one of his staffers gave us a tour.

Outside Rayburn House Office Building, one of three buildings of representatives’ offices on the south side of the Capitol
2016-09-19 09.33.25
In our Congressman’s office. We had made such a big deal about minding her manners that she was terrified to touch anything and kept her hands in her pockets the entire time.
The tunnel over to the Capitol!
2016-09-19 09.56.04
A replica of the Statue of Freedom who stands atop the Capitol dome. Her pupils are heart-shaped as she is looking out over the land that she loves.
2016-09-19 09.26.46
The Crypt. The gold medallion in the middle is said to be the center of DC (until they build DCA which messed up all the city’s districts). Washington was supposed to be buried here, but his wife honored his wish to be buried at Mount Vernon. His crypt remains empty.
2016-09-19 10.11.16
In the Crypt are thirteen statues that represent the thirteen colonies. One of them is a bust of Abe Lincoln, which is important for two reasons. One, it’s just his head versus body like the others since his life was cut short. Two, his left ear is missing as it was said he lent such an ear to the American people.
2016-09-19 10.14.10
This is the original entrance to the Capitol.
2016-09-19 10.18.10
And the statues that used to rest above it.
2016-09-19 10.18.17
And the cornerstone of the original building laid by Washington.
2016-09-19 10.18.48
Note that at the top of the column are ears of corn as a nod to the country’s agricultural beginnings.
2016-09-19 10.20.13
The original Supreme Court chamber. Our aide told us that they had to put that rope across the justices’ chairs because new senators and representatives would sit in them and take pics on their first tour of the capital, so now they can’t get a seat. Ha!
2016-09-19 10.22.45
The new president will come down these stairs from the rotunda of the Capitol to go out onto the balcony to be inaugurated.
2016-09-19 10.28.43
From the top of those stairs, looking down toward the balcony.
2016-09-19 10.30.07-1
They very recently took down scaffolding inside and outside the Capitol as they were doing some renovation. We were so lucky to be able to see the stunning rotunda and dome.
2016-09-19 10.32.19
2016-09-19 10.32.24
2016-09-19 10.35.47
The colored stripe on this statue of Reagan in the rotunda is from the Berlin Wall.
2016-09-19 10.38.29
The original Senate chamber
2016-09-19 10.42.34
2016-09-19 10.42.51
The original House of Representatives chamber, the National Statutory Hall
2016-09-19 10.45.49
We were able to experience the “whispering spot” where John Quincy Adams was able to eavesdrop on conversations across the room. They accused him of sleeping while leaning on his hand, only to realize he was shutting out the noise directly at him so he could hear people talking on the other side of the room!
2016-09-19 10.45.59
The Car of History sculpture shows the importance of both the past and the future as she is moving forward in the chariot but also looking back over her shoulder.
2016-09-19 10.51.06
We were given passes to see the galleries of the Senate and House, and due to the intense security, we only had time to slip into the House gallery. We had to leave our cameras outside with security, but it was really cool to show HG where all the action happens.
2016-09-19 11.01.11
After our tour, we had to RUN in the rain to an Uber that John had waiting for us way out past the Visitor Center. I had hopes of a taking a beautiful pic of HG on the Capitol steps, but with the weather, that wasn’t an option. Instead, I love this laughing action shot of us running like crazy.
2016-09-19 12.09.47
We had lunch at GCDC, a hole in the wall that serves grilled cheese sandwiches of all shapes and sizes with tater tots on the side. We were happy girls!
2016-09-19 13.13.29
I asked HG what she wanted to do with our rainy afternoon, and she chose to go to Georgetown to have a famous cupcake, shop, and walk through the Old Stone House. She is so my child!
Georgetown Cupcakes
2016-09-19 13.49.24
2016-09-19 13.53.00
HG gave me the flower from the top of her cupcake so that I could have two flowers for my two girls. Awwww!
2016-09-19 13.54.53
Shopping in the rain
2016-09-19 14.05.57
She was a little happy…I had to drag her out of this Kate Spade dressing room. It was her fault that I got in trouble!
2016-09-19 14.24.33
2016-09-19 14.24.40 HDR
Old Stone House, oldest house in Georgetown
2016-09-19 14.16.53
2016-09-19 14.52.34
2016-09-19 15.00.33-1
We stopped by the National Museum of American History. She wanted to check out the invention lab and exhibit, as well as the Star Spangled Banner (and she was so sad no pics were allowed).
Look at that old relic- ha!
2016-09-19 15.54.40
2016-09-19 15.56.16
After we finished in the museum, she wanted to sit outside, eat her gummy bears, and play pretend games with mama. That came to an abrupt end when a bee from that crepe myrtle decided to rest in her hair!
2016-09-19 16.53.08 HDR
2016-09-19 17.14.26
2016-09-19 17.17.26
After a long and wet day, she decided it was a perfect night for pizza from room service.
2016-09-19 19.43.01
The sweetest little snuggle bug was in my bed the entire trip!
2016-09-19 21.31.53

And meanwhile…back at the ranch…
While we were packing, Cressey wasn’t too excited about the suitcase coming out again.
2016-09-15 17.26.32
Just kidding, she was all smiles two seconds later!
2016-09-15 17.26.39
Her grandparents kept her happy while we were gone.
2016-09-17 13.29.32
2016-09-17 16.13.22
2016-09-17 16.36.31
2016-09-18 07.16.19
2016-09-18 15.19.11
2016-09-19 16.16.49
She found her feet!

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