Saturday, October 22, 2016

CMT: 6 Months in Alys Beach

While we were at the beach for fall break, Cressey turned six months old.
Weight: 23 lbs 6 oz, off the charts but starting to even out and not sky rocket
Height: 27.5 in, 90th percentile
Head circum: 46.5, off the charts
Week of Sept 20th, she started shaking her head no and loves to shriek when HG hugs her too tight.

Found her feet while we were in DC (Sept 20th). Loves to hold her feet and to rub them together. Her feet are constantly moving.

As of October 1st, she is sitting up on her own very well and can stand for a good many seconds. She loves to sit up so much that you sometimes have to force her to lay back into her car seat.

October 7th- First flight to Panama City via Atlanta

Adorable little giggle- huuuh huuuh

Still really rolly polly, complete with a second ‘joint’ (fat roll) between her wrist and elbow. Her little ‘bracelets’ even have tan lines. Speaking of, she is much more olive complected than HG. Her hair can look dark some days or blonde in certain light.

Finding her tongue and sticking it out a lot

When she sees someone she recognizes, she perks up and smiles really big. Starting to see a little separation anxiety. She’ll cry when I walk away from her.

Holds her little arms up for you to pick her up. Adorable!

Not interested in tummy time. Can roll from tummy to back but not from back to tummy. Prefers not to do any of that and just sit up.

She’s a very happy and gets us stopped in any store we are in to get her cheeks pinched by strangers, much to HG’s chagrin at times.

Goes to sleep easily. She still loves the Zipadee-Zip for nap and nighttime. (We take it everywhere we go to sleep, and she’ll nap in it in any bed.)  You turn her music on, lay her in the bed, zip her up, stroke her face for a minute, and walk away. She’ll usually squawk for a minute or two but will pretty much immediately calm herself down. She’s napping two hours in the morning, two hours around lunch/early afternoon, and then for an hour or so after school/ around dinner. She sleeps at least 12 hours at night, but lately she’s been crying out when she can’t reach her paci. I’ve tried armless sleep sacks to let her be able to reach it, but it’s too distracting to her as she flails her arms all around which keeps her awake.

No teeth yet but loves some teething toys

Sitting up in a high chair at restaurants and grocery carts

HGT and CMT are still fast friends. HG likes to play with her and is pretty tolerant, as long as no poo or throw up is involved.

She tolerates some baby food- the chunkier the better (does not like runny). She prefers banana oatmeal, so I’ll try to mix in other baby food with that. She still just really wants a bottle (8 oz).

She’s wearing size 5 diapers and mostly 12-18 mo clothes. I put a fleece and socks on her yesterday for the first time, and she slowly waved her arms and feet around like, “What in the heck have you done to me, mama?”

At her six month appt, she got two shots plus the first half of her flu shot. She cried but calmed down easily with a bottle. The next day, I pulled off her bandaids, and she didn’t even notice.

On October 10th at George’s in Alys Beach, HG requested for the first time for her and Cressey to sit on one side of the table while John and I sat on the other. Also, it was the first time we were given two children’s menu. Have to admit those two things coupled together made mama tear up a bit!

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