Saturday, October 29, 2016

Toohig Tidbits: Early September

2016-09-01 07.32.29-1-1
A little Whimsy Cookie for a queen after school
2016-09-01 15.13.16
Probably one of the last times we could squeeze her into the Merlin suit
2016-09-01 17.49.57
2016-09-01 19.07.08
And probably one of the last times she let anyone rock/hold her to go to sleep. HG was obsessed with doing this for a few nights in a row.
2016-09-02 19.34.54
2016-09-02 19.39.18-1
2016-09-02 19.56.31
2016-09-03 07.14.56
Clowning around at Grandma’s
2016-09-03 09.56.33
2016-09-03 17.55.48-1
Enjoying Uncle Charlie’s visit
2016-09-04 12.25.48
Ryan wanted that juicy toe, and Cressey wasn’t too sure about it.
2016-09-04 12.37.34
Sunday of Labor Day fun at the Browns’
2016-09-04 13.38.03
2016-09-04 13.38.06
2016-09-04 13.41.58
It was also Spiffer’s birthday, so after the pool, we headed to her house.
2016-09-04 17.37.46-1
And then to dinner at Newk’s with the birthday girl!
2016-09-04 18.38.55-1
Just like in the old house, Blue sits at the top of the stairs at nighttime.
2016-09-04 20.11.50
2016-09-04 20.11.59
On actual Labor Day, we joined some SAA friends at the Racquet Club pool. This was Cressey’s first time to really sit out by the pool. We made it a few hours, but we never would have had a chance if it weren’t for this battery operated fan.
 2016-09-05 11.02.22
2016-09-05 11.43.00
2016-09-05 11.43.31
2016-09-05 12.00.47
2016-09-05 12.11.42
2016-09-05 12.14.45
2016-09-05 12.29.51-1
2016-09-05 13.19.11-1
Morning meeting at SAA where HG’s class sang a son
2016-09-07 10.05.20
I help out in the SAA library on the first Wednesday of the month, and I have the sleepiest little helper.
2016-09-07 11.06.57
Before gymnastics, we eat a lot of sugar.
2016-09-07 14.37.01-1
First time in a highchair at Old Venice for GD’s birthday
2016-09-07 18.09.50
Cressey lost her bananas around the time our food arrived, so sadly, we had to make a quick exit. HG happily carried my purse, and I had a flash of her as a teenager with that bag on her arm, confident walk, and long hair flowing and glowing in the sunshine. And then the screaming infant on my hip brought me back to reality.
2016-09-07 18.37.01
2016-09-09 07.00.25
2016-09-09 16.05.52
2016-09-09 17.54.12
On my day before my birthday (Friday), our parents and Brandy came over for dinner. We had Olive Garden take out with rainbow Sugaree’s cake, and it was decadent and perfect and made me so happy.
2016-09-09 18.46.31
Brandy has created a SnapChat monster with HG.
2016-09-12 20.23.12
Best pic HG would let me get.
2016-09-09 19.46.53
On my actual birthday (Saturday), I handed out my children to grandparents and John and spent the day getting a massage and a pedi. We later met some SAA friends for dinner at Hog & Hominy. It was a fabulous day!
2016-09-10 12.36.09
2016-09-10 13.20.50
2016-09-10 22.16.28
2016-09-10 22.29.33
Cressey’s first Germantown Festival on that Sunday. We met the Browns there, and HG did this jumpy thing once with Addie and then again later on her own. Couldn’t get high enough.
2016-09-11 13.28.31
2016-09-11 14.47.34
Would it be a festival without eating an entire tube of straight sugar?
2016-09-11 14.54.44
Cress couldn’t hang that long.
2016-09-11 15.08.23-1
Poor baby has a hard time when she wakes up super early on school mornings. She sometimes passes out before we even make it back home.
2016-09-12 08.08.14
2016-09-12 16.30.57 HDR
2016-09-12 17.24.22
2016-09-12 19.18.16
2016-09-13 07.31.36-1
2016-09-13 10.46.55
She’s always a hit at Vaco.
2016-09-13 11.09.16
HG is so cute at pick up time. She’s always scouting for me, and when she sees me, she gives me a big wave and then goes back to playing with her friends until it’s her turn to walk out. This day I caught her sitting on the column.
2016-09-13 15.02.54
First time at Hope Moms Group. It was the kickoff meeting, so she was passed around during the mingle time (mostly carried by Doty). Then she slept some during the speaker, and we ended up walking in the hallway toward the end.
2016-09-14 08.52.04
2016-09-14 10.17.12
2016-09-14 10.17.16
2016-09-14 10.29.26
Daddy in the top left; Mama on the top left running upstairs to get Cressey; Cressey on bottom left crying in her bed; HG on bottom right in her room; and then the kitties
2016-09-14 22.37.34
2016-09-15 07.12.44
And then sometimes she falls asleep before we even leave the house for school.
 2016-09-15 08.16.00

Waking up at Spiffer and GD's. This is absolutely priceless.