Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Father’s Day

We went with a laidback Father’s Day this year (June 18th), just as John and Granddaddy like it. We met for brunch at the Filling Station, and then we headed to the Browns’ house for Cressey’s first dip in the pool!

We are so thankful for these daddies that take such good care of us and love us all so well!

2016-06-19 07.40.37
2016-06-19 08.05.12
2016-06-19 10.17.10
2016-06-19 10.18.35-1
This is John on the left with his standard flat hair, and then GD on the right with ‘no hair.’
2016-06-19 11.00.02
2016-06-19 11.00.15
2016-06-19 11.00.18
2016-06-19 12.44.19
2016-06-19 13.00.12
2016-06-19 13.00.32
2016-06-19 13.00.52
2016-06-19 13.01.08
2016-06-19 13.01.50
2016-06-19 13.08.34
2016-06-19 13.09.02
2016-06-19 13.09.32
2016-06-19 13.15.24

She did pretty well in the pool, once she got situated in the float. She really loves bath time and will quieten down in the water if she had been fussy, so she seems to have her sister's tendency for being a water baby. Out of the water though, she was hot and sleepy, and she felt much better once she shed her suit and closed her eyes for a little cat nap.

2016-06-19 13.33.03
2016-06-19 13.49.04
2016-06-19 14.25.36

Pony Camp

One of Helen Grace’s favorite weeks of the year is pony camp at Aintree Farms (June 13-17 this year)!

They ride early in the morning, then arts and crafts, then eat their sack lunch, and finally dive into the neighborhood pool to cool off! We signed up for the June session, thinking it’d be the coolest, but I swear it had to have been the hottest days of the year yet. At one point, HG overheated and had to get off the horse- you know that’s serious!

She had a big time and met lots of new friends, as always. She did well in the show on Friday as well, earning a first and a second place ribbon which also meant she won a champion ribbon! Grandma left work to come see her ride, and Spiffer and I brought Cressey (who stayed in the cool car for all but HG’s ride). By the way, she asked to ride on Beanie AGAIN for the show, but thankfully, Beanie is back to her normal self after regulating some of her meds.

We are awfully proud of our big, brave girl!

Showing us a cute new mini horse at the barn

2016-06-17 10.41.23

2016-06-17 11.03.13

Cressey literally did not take her eyes off of HG the whole time she was riding.

2016-06-17 11.10.53

2016-06-17 11.14.16

2016-06-17 11.15.40

2016-06-17 11.17.47

2016-06-17 11.18.47-2

2016-06-17 11.40.21

2016-06-17 11.40.51-2

2016-06-17 11.42.11